How To Keep Users From A Bad Website Experience


Houston_Web_DesignIn the 3rd quarter of 2011, global research was conducted and published by TeaLeaf and E-Consultancy. It reported that more than 500 companies worldwide were losing billions of dollars due to bad website experiences. This loss estimated to represent 24 percent of yearly online revenue – and it was caused by poor user experience. It then becomes vital for Austin website design companies to design websites that encourage viewers to convert to real buyers. In reality, online competition is stiff and business owners must work hard to convert visitors into successful buyers while retaining old customers.

On the other hand, many companies understand that usability and customer experience have a direct impact on sales, customer satisfaction, and brand loyalty. For that reason, users should not have a bad experience, must be continuously satisfied, and have the highest conversion rate possible.

Usability and User Experience

In the world of Austin website design, usability and user-experience are treated different and have unique distinctions in terms of human-computer interaction. To draw the line of distinction between the two elements, consider a road analogy. A usable road is straight, wide, and provides online customers easy travel access from beginning to end without any problems. On the other hand, a road with superior user-experience is totally divergent with wonderful landscapes and an atmosphere that stirs up emotion. This type of road might have twists and curves along the way but is worth the journey.

In a nutshell, usability is what delivers easy user interface while user experience goes beyond a visitor’s interaction and is something that meets the needs of online consumers without any problems. It also requires the merging of multiple disciplines.

Achieve Good Usability

Here are few tips to achieve good usability for e-commerce websites.

  • Content – Produce concise and clear content, remove unnecessary information, use understandable and common words, and utilize an attention-grabbing writing strategy.
  • Design – Do not use a cluttered design as that will only confuse visitors and prevent them from finding what the site offers.
  • Options – Offer options that help visitors find products with a navigation and search capability providing the shortest route to browse products by price, name, and newest release.
  • Check-out – Make the check-out page simple so consumers will not leave the site during the check-out process. The check-out page should be clear, intuitive, and concise, collecting only relevant information.
  • Loading Speed – Don’t forget to enhance loading speed to prevent users from going to other websites that deliver a faster loading experience.
  • Usability and user-experience are two of the most essential factors for a good e-commerce website. Usability is needed to survive because it impacts how users view the site. If there is difficulty navigating, failure to clearly state an offer, or visitors are allowed to get lost, other websites that don’t have such issued will to sought. Any website design must provide good site usability to satisfy users, offer productive interaction, help users meet any objectives efficiently and effectively, and foster brand trust and confidence.
  • When usability and user-experience are combined, a return of investment can be substantially improved while providing a competitive edge and enhancing brand loyalty, all of which makes for happy users of a website that has been optimized to better offer products. Bad website experiences are eliminated and customers can easily find the products or services that are needed!

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