How to Get Web Surfers to Read Your Website


Texas_Web_Desisu_FirmWhen it comes to reading articles online, it is very uncommon for any page to be read word for word; the more common internet action is to skim and scan a page choosing only those keywords or phrases that are related to any searches, those of interest, and those that stand out for any other reason. No matter how much a visitor reads, integrity and credibility is an essential requirement because online users don’t know exactly who is behind the information posted at that location. Also, the desire is greater to extract information quickly and easily and then click off. For this reason, Austin website design must work to attract an audience, engage their attention, and ultimately inspire further interaction.

Skim and Scan

It is a fact that most visitors skim and scan a page before reading it in full detail. It is even a common behavior for readers with above-average intelligence to scan a text prior to a through reading. Web surfers are notorious for going through sites in a superficial manner, glancing quickly across a page for a few seconds and then scrolling down to the bottom. Such behavior tends to result in short visits and immediate bounce rates from one web page to another or even to another website.

Tips For an Engaging Online Location

Perhaps if a website is written for the express purpose of snagging a reader’s full attention, what is placed on a web page would be read more thoroughly. Below are some tips on accomplishing such a goal.

  • Captivating Headlines – On a web page, the headline is a visitor’s first impression. Making this aspect striking can turn visitors into readers by communicating the full message in a glance.
  • Essential Information – Emphasizing the main idea of a written article is vital. It can be done by playing with various Austin website design elements such as different typography and color schemes to stress key words or phrases.
  • Distinctive Subheadings – Online visitors are vertically scanning for only essential information. To gain attention and break text fatigue, produce unique subheadings by choosing direct and compelling subject matter.
  • Bullet Points – Writing in paragraph form can be very boring; keep paragraphs short and concise and use bullet lists to break up monotony and communicate main points effectively.
  • Compelling Captions – Another tactic is to create compelling captions that forces visitors to check out any accompanying information. Always use an interesting caption to gain a visitors attention.
  • Tactical Formatting – To combat skimmers, use tactical formatting to visually capture vital details. Headlines, bold keywords, bullet lists, shorter paragraphs, and compelling subheadings are best.
  • Simplify Content – Structure an article to make it readable. Write short sentences as well as use descriptive and engaging details. Simplify the article so that it is easy to skim and scan.
  • Proofread – Always proofread the finished product. Check for grammatical, punctuation, or syntactical errors. The content must communicate to potential buyers and encourages trust in the website.

The key to engaging a visitor’s interest is to create enticing content. Written articles play an essential role in driving traffic and increasing page ranking. With the help of an Austin website design company, producing well-written and appealing content can be done to motivate readers to actually read the website often!

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