How to Get Keyword Density and Avoid Over Usage


Houston_SEOKeywords or search terms are a vital part of SEO in Houston. Basically, in order for a website to get ranked for a certain topic, search terms must be used that are relevant to that particular topic. In the most basic form, utilizing keywords means inserting certain words or terms on the contents of a Landing Page so that it will get indexed and ranked for those particular words.

Although it may seem simple, there are strict guidelines regarding the use of keywords.  Before strict search engine guidelines were implemented, it was possible to randomly put keywords all over a web page to get ranked. Although that worked for a while, it led to poor search results coming back to users and Google had to ultimately devise a way to regulate keyword usage, which was to implement strict density compliance.

What is Keyword Density?

Density refers to the number of times a particular search term or phrase is used in a single document as compared to the total number of words. For example, if the search term is “California wineries” and it appears 5 times within a 500 word page, then the density of that particular page is 1%.

With the current Houston SEO trend, density should be no more than 2 to 3 percent to be safe. While adding as many keywords to a single article may seem productive, Google is regulating keyword density and over usage can cause a website ranking to fall. It has already been regulated by major search engines and can cause a website to get flagged for keyword ‘stuffing’ and even cause website ranking to be lost.

Disadvantages of Keyword Stuffing

Poor Readability – Using heavy density can compromise the readability of the actual content. It tends to cause the content to be created around the keyword. While such a strategy can work, it usually winds up making the flow of the article very unnatural and difficult to read. Keeping within recommended density guidelines can retain the quality of the content without compromising readability.

Search Engine Penalties – Search engines are responsible for indexing web pages and are reliant upon keywords to properly index content. Because of the improper use of keywords in the early days of the internet, search engines have become stricter in terms of usage in order to maintain quality search results. Pages that are detected to have heavy density can get penalized by that particular page not being indexed or even downgrading the entire website’s ranking on the SERPs.

Where to Use Keywords

 For effective utilization, it is important to follow the search engine density guidelines which range from 1% to 5% of the content’s total word count. It is also important to carefully choose placement to maximize effectiveness. There are not any strict rules regarding placement; however, observation has shown that there is placement that enhances keyword effectiveness, including the content’s title, headings, and the first and last paragraphs.

Keywords are a vital element of SEO in Houston. In order for the strategy to be effective, it requires strict compliance to the prescribed density as well as strategic placement within the page and content. Follow these guidelines and any SEO effort will be more effective and productive whenever usage is not overdone!

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