How to Develop SEO Locally!


SEO in HoustonWebsites give businesses an opportunity to reach a global audience; however, what if a business only intends to do SEO in Houston? Any typical search engine optimization approach would be a waste of time and effort since SEO efforts are normally focused an making a global impact. The solution is to develop an SEO strategy that is directed exclusively towards a local audience.

Local Keywords

The first and simplest approach is to include the location of the business as part of the keyword or phrase. For example, if the business is involved in car repair and is targeting clients located in Houston, keywords should be used that include three words like car repair Houston or a similar variation.

This is actually a very effective tool because in most cases, the name of a particular location as well as the name of a company or type of business is part of an internet search done to find certain local services and businesses. By following the pattern that is used when searching for services or goods, a company can improve website visibility within a certain area.

Using Google’s keyword tool can also be helpful. For example using the above keywords, the primary keywords “Houston” and “car repair” can be used to look for suggested variations. Narrow the options by choosing high search volume and low competition keywords.

In order to effectively utilize keywords for SEO in Houston, their location should be in elements within the website where search engines crawl, such as meta tags and content. When inserted, the keywords will help a website to be properly indexed in a browser’s page rankings. If the location is included, it will also be viewed during indexing. If a search is done for ‘Texas insurance company,’ then any internet pages using that term as a key phrase will come up in the results

Local Search Engines

The next step when focusing on local SEO efforts is with the help of search engines and directories with local listings. List a business with Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Google Places, etc. Most search engines allow businesses to be listed and also to contain a limited amount of information, including a link to a website. For an additional cost such as pay per click, further enhancement can be done with the browsers for better exposure.

Social Media Sites

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are another means of gaining attention. The popularity and worldwide coverage of these sites will ensure that some searcher will eventually notice a business’ profile. The good thing about these sites is that they are free and allow links to be included along with other details. In order to be noticed, invite friends to that particular site and connect with other local businesses.

Optimizing a website for SEO in Houston is quite feasible. By using a combination of strategies including: using locations within keywords; listing the website on local search engines; and using the power of social media, a website can be developed to attract a great deal of local traffic!

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