How to Design Your Website To Be Your Hardest Worker!



Focus is often made on getting a website to rank high on the search engine results pages, overlooking actual website performance in converting visitors to satisfied clients, winding up with a high bounce rate. In order to be successful, a website must help in the conversion process, working like a virtual employee who performs multiple roles to keep a business going. So how can Houston web design make a website a hard worker?

Establish Role

It is important for a website to clearly state its purpose, what service or product it provides, and what can generally be expected. A major flaw in Houston web design is making visitors guess what a website is about. Does it provide information, want to sell a product, does it provide some kind of service?

When a visitor sees an unfamiliar website with just a tag line and maybe a logo, it can be confusing and sometimes bewildering to guess what function will be found. The more likely move is to go to the next link on the search engine results page for a better choice. Truthfully, no one has the time or patience to go through an entire website to see what it offers.

In order to retain clients, a website’s function must be readily apparent beginning with the Home Page so clients can easily find what they want, the services that they actually need.

Provide Consistent Navigation

The navigation menu is a vital element to website success; users will leave a website if it is impossible to find the information or service desired. An effective website must have a navigation menu that is easy to understand and clearly describes the represented contents.

A navigation menu should have a common location on all pages for easy user functionality. If it is located in the left upper corner of the home page, it should also be at the same location on any other pages so web users won’t have to look for it on each page.

Answer Questions

Web visitors customarily have questions regarding the service or products offered by a website, including general queries, problems related to the website’s subject, etc. It is important that any common questions be addressed. This is often done with a Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ page that can answer some of the common questions related to the topic. Any long or more complicated questions can be directed to a Contact Form or some part of the content dealing with the question posed as it is important to be sure that any concerns can be addressed that would otherwise prevent a visitor from using the presented product or service.

It is not enough for a website to rank high on the search engine results pages; it must also be able to convert visitors to clients. With the help of a knowledgeable Houston web design firm, it is indeed possible to have a website that is the hardest-working employee a company will ever find!

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  1. What size recommendations do you have when it comes to how large the navigation menu should be?

    • You don’t want anything too big, you want something that is reasonable in size and very easy to find.

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