How to Bypass Making These SEO Mistakes


Austin_SEOSEO is very important to website success as it can help rank it on the first page of the results listing which will bring more traffic and more conversions of visitors to customers. There are about as many different SEO methods as there are sands on a beach – a lot. How do you know which one is right? Although hard to exactly determine, what is possible is to know what should not be done with Austin TX SEO to help a company and its website. Following are some aspects that should be remembered in the realm of search engine effectiveness.

  • Title Tags – One of the more common mistakes that is made with SEO is to ignore or forget to use the title tag to place a keyword. It may not seem like much but it is actually a very important location for any text and specifically for keyword placement as it is seen when search results are listed.
  • Targeting Wrong Keywords – This is a common error that even experts make. The best keywords have high search results and low competition. Sometimes ego enters into a logical SEO decision – a company really wants to rank highly for a competitive keyword rather than one less appealing with less competition. So listen to the advice of Austin SEO experts as to the best keywords to target in an SEO campaign.
  • Using JavaScript Menus – It is not always known that search engines do not read JavaScript, so a menu written in such a way cannot be read or help with ranking. An alternative if JavaScript must be used is to at least create a regular sitemap to help guide the search engine spiders around a website.
  • Flash – All Flash usage should be avoided because, like JavaScript, it cannot be read by the search engine spiders and it slows website loading speed. A viable alternative if Flash absolutely must used is to offer an HTML alternative so the crawlers can find the content to be indexed.
  • Maintain and Be Consistent – All SEO is done on a permanent and consistent basis – and it must be reviewed and carefully maintained in order to remain current with all the changes that go on the the SEO world. Ignoring this one aspect will be very costly to ranking.
  • Meta Tag Issues Ignored – The use of meta tags is slowly sinking into the sunset – so concentrating on meta tag keywords will do not good. Use the description only – but don’t expect much from this action.
  • URL Keywords – Do not underestimate the importance of keywords in the URL – it is important. If it doesn’t work to have it in the main part of the URL, at least include it in the Landing Page for optimal SEO efficiency.
  • Images and Headings – Images in headings serve no real purpose – it is an image not text and spiders read text, not images. So make sure that there are keywords in H1 and H2 headings – not images.
  • Keyword Density – Too many keywords in the contents is known as ‘stuffing’ – and too few in the content makes no sense either. Use a keyword density of 1 to 3 percent of the total content word count – and make sure they are used in a logical, grammatically correct way.

These are just a few of the Austin SEO mistakes that can happen. Keep all of this in mind when planning an effective SEO strategy – and watch rankings increase on the search engine results pages because of this! Here’s to great SEO success!

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