How To Become A Keyword Magician


Austin_SEOKeywords are terms used to find specific information on the internet. In search engine marketing, these are vital to gain traffic and target web traffic that will be readily convertible to sales. When optimizing a website, each and every keyword is thoroughly researched, analyzed, and carefully chosen based on competition and relevance. Choosing the correct one is an effective Houston SEO tactic to achieve a competitive edge against online rivals.

There is no magical formula to win this battle; however, a web design company can indeed be a great magician by learning, knowing, and practicing quality keyword predictions to place a website ahead of others in terms of ranking and traffic, substantially impacting a return on investment (ROI) and overall profitability.


It is important to research and determine market dominant keywords and phrases. This involves more than just learning what search terms and phrases are vital in a particular market; it also involves learning about customer buying behavior. Research is an essential Houston SEO process to foresee changes in market demand, customer response to shifting market conditions, and a way to yield the kind of product, services, and content for which online customers are actively searching. This method uses different tools such as Google’s AdWords, Microsoft Advertising Intelligence (MAI), and Wordtracker.

Predicting Keyword Events

This is the most sophisticated SEO strategy that is a powerful way to determine keyword volume that occurs in huge spikes based on events, news, or trend-related subject matter. This is a very unique method because it can transform content marketing tactics into a winning strategy. With this method, search terms are selected before becoming appealing to the general public, thereby offering a leading position against the competition and gaining favorable ranking with the search engines.

Foretelling keyword events takes more than using tools to find suggested terms from volumes of data. It includes maintaining ranking in the market and keeping apace with online competition while choosing new terms and phrases used by the vast majority of searchers in the market.

Below are a few of the methods used in forecasting keyword events:

  • Tools – Avoid using Keyword Selection Tools that are commonly used by competitors to understand the current search demand curve, density, difficulty, referrals and volume of certain applicable terms. Instead use Google Trends Prediction to find out which terms and phrases are current in the market to measure popularity prior to becoming popular in the market.
  • Current Events – Stay updated with current or news events through various media where consumers usually go – and then at least subscribe to their RSS feeds. This is a great way to know the commonly searched words that can significantly impact a particular niche. Subscribe to both local and international news outlets to stay updated.
  • Underlying Meaning – Customers usually ask questions to find answers related to searched-for products and services. By examining and understanding such requests, relevant terms and phrases can be determined.
  • Buzzwords – Observe the information flow of a niche and watch for terms or phrases that are becoming fashionable through constant use by visitors to become familiar with a particular subject matter. Such terms are called buzzwords; detecting and using them can help increase traffic even before the terms become popular.

Keyword prediction is an effective yet difficult online marketing tactic in current usage. This strategy doesn’t require a magic wand to discern the right keywords best suited to optimize a website. It is a matter of studying the trend spikes, learning, analyzing and going beyond usual methods of research. It is a matter of looking into the crystal SEO ball and finding the most amazing, attractive, and appealing keywords that can help certain products or service rise to the top of the search engine results pages listings. Practice and the consistent development of prediction skills can transform an average internet marketing guru into a keyword magician!

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