How to Achieve Maximum Website Optimization


Austin_SEOBeing successful at website optimization is a desired goal for any Houston SEO endeavor. This topic is not new; in fact, there is much internet discussion about this particular subject, which is a good source for increasing knowledge about this subject. Basic understanding of optimization is fundamental and proper content optimization is the key to find some leverage in the world of internet browsing and buying.


Because of rapid web design developments, it is easy to neglect basic items that can affect how a website ranks in the search results. First and foremost is the download size of a page and the time it takes for it to load, which should be minimal. Images, styles, media or photos should be lightweight and HTML codes need to be lean and merely describe the content. Avoid layout tables that contribute to slow download speeds.

Maintaining the richness of a web page but minimizing HTTP requests is another basic that should be applied. Having too many HTTP requests for browsing activity slows down the display. This can be avoided by: redirecting ads; using frames and frame-sets; utilizing image sprites or any tool that to crop and combine necessary page images; and, by combining style sheets and scripts. Applying such things to a website will cause visitors to notice a significant browsing experience change.

Asset Potential

A company’s website is as an asset, a component that enables products and services to be delivered to potential customers. A Houston SEO firm would recommend using Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers can be a great help as they are scattered across the globe and offer a more rapid delivery of a viewing request from the nearest CDN or servers that are not so busy. There are both free or chargeable CDN’s available; this option is very helpful for sites that receive a high volume of traffic.

Domain Usage

It is important to be familiar with domains, sub-domains and DNS lookups and all available options and restrictions. Several domains can be hosted or sub-domains used to avoid browser restrictions with simultaneous downloads. Many shared hosts will allow websites to create several sub-domains but restrict it to a maximum of five, which will greatly improve performance. Minimizing the utilized number of domains will also reduce DNS look-ups and increase download speed.

Remember is to choose cookie-free domains so that information is not delivered repeatedly to clients without reason and may decrease performance. Be sure that cookies are set for the best results. Split content evenly among the domains in a systematic fashion to ensure that it is downloaded only once from each domain.

By hiring a reputable web design firm, all objectives can be achieved to deliver products or services to prospective customers. This will ensure that all necessary work is done to achieve internet success. Through trusted professionals, the basics discussed above can by applied and other components used to help maximize website optimization that will allow a company to reach all of its goals!

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