How Often Will My Website Need A New Look?


Professional website design is a necessary business investment you must make to expose your company to potential customers and bring in more sales.

An important part of this investment includes hiring website design services to do an occasional redesign after the initial website design has been changed for a while.

As much as you may think your current design is perfect and does not need to be redesigned, times and technology change as do current trends in website appearance and function.

Look for these important indicators that it’s time to start talking with website designers about giving your site a new look so you can stay competitive.

1. Website Performance Starts to Decrease

The most important indicator that it may be time to consider a new website design is when site performance begins to decline or never performed well to begin with Red flags suggesting you need to hire website design services for a redesign of your website include: not seeing the traffic you should or are seeing a decline in traffic despite good optimization; business goals for the website are not being met; site does not possess the function it should; or the site is unattractive by current design standards.

What may have worked initially may not keep working as time goes on.

Review your site with skilled website designers who can advise you about the type of look and functionality your site should have to easily reach your audience and keep bringing in traffic.

Among the many different causes for lack of performance, an unattractive, out of date, non-user-friendly website is high on the list.

2. Significant Technological or Industry Changes

Beyond the most obvious symptom of lack of performance, you should review your site with experienced website design services every so often to keep up with growth, both in the design world and your industry.

Website design technology is constantly improving and industries are continuously embracing this newer technology to better serve customers. Marketing techniques regularly change as well to accommodate all of these changes.

Simply stated, for your website to be as effective as it can be to reach your audience and bring in sales, it must be usable.

The definition of usability changes with improving technology and industry demands over the years.

Your business website must be regularly improved to keep up with all these changes so it continues to perform well for you.

3. After A Website Has Been Up For A While

Even if you are not noticing a significant decrease in site performance, it will eventually happen if you allow the look of your site to become stale and out-of-date or you do not keep up with functional trends.

To prevent this from happening and help ensure your site remains competitive for you, the best recommendation it is have your site evaluated by professional website designers every 2 to 3 years to point out areas that could be updated to keep up site performance.

Look, feel, functionality, efficiency, and many other factors can change quite a bit in the time of a few years.

The Take Away

Website design is constantly on the move, with major visual and functionality trends changing every few years. Your website is your company’s main tool for attracting viewers and gaining customers.

Keep your site competitive by working with website designers who are knowledgeable in current design trends and technology and can keep your site looking great and functioning well.

The right website design services, including a review and redesign every few years, will make sure your company continues to benefit from this essential business investment!

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