How Effective Is Your Website’s Curb Appeal?


Houston SEOThe same way that curb appeal is important to sell a home for the best price, the same is true of how well a website sells for a business. No matter how great the product, if not attractively presented it could turn potential customers away to another business that has a more professional looking website. If any visitors do stay, a lack of expected content creates a double-whammy that leaves visitors clicking the back arrow to find a better-suited website. This is bad for business and any effort going into building Houston SEO that is attempting to increase traffic to a website. A poor appearance at first glance doesn’t allow visitors to even judge the content, an issue that is faced all too often.

What Pushes Visitors Away?

First visual impressions are important and poor appearances can cause visitors to leave before even looking to see if there is good information available. Wading through a poorly developed website, one that is inefficiently laid out, uses unusual designs, and does not include user-friendly navigation is not what visitors typically want to see and often leads them to go to another listing before wasting any time attempting to interpret poorly-presented layouts and information. Simply put, a good-looking website with efficient Houston SEO encourages visitors to explore, while good content encourages them to stay.

What Attracts New Visitors to Stay?

A lot of time and effort is spent with Houston SEO, attempting to find the best methods that will provide the best results and attract the most traffic that will hopefully convert to customers. Even though layout and appearance are not the most essential parts of a website, it is important that they provide support for any SEO efforts and invite users into a welcomed and useful experience. Good website curb appeal confirms that a visitor is in the right place, a critical detail that prevents a high bounce-back rate.

How Does Curb Appeal Attract And Retain Visitors?

A website with an attractive and appropriate design can definitely attract visitors, which means that a third of the battle is won. The next step is to keep visitors there, which must be accomplished with great and useable content. The third part of the visitor equation is to get them to convert, which will only happen if there is valuable content; a pretty page with no actual, useful information that is hard to use will not encourage staying and buying.

Curb appeal is the important beginning step in visitor conversion; however, it is not the only step as a website must please and interest viewers all the whole way through. It begins with professional, organized and attractive design, then continues to quality content, easy navigation, and other website essentials such as a contact page, regularly updated content, and the integration of social media to make it more personal and convenient for users to be updated, all of which increases the likelihood of converting visitors to actual customers.

While every part of a successful website is important, it must be remembered that websites are a whole made of many parts, each of which is essential to create the whole and complete website. Poor Houston SEO can inhibit traffic; poor content creates few repeat visitors; poor use of social media adds to weakened optimization, and so it continues. Curb appeal is part of the cyclical process, with each a part of the cycle beginning with that attractive and friendly design; it all contributes to the end result of an effective, efficient website!

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  1. I guess design vs. user happiness will always be a topic to debate – thanks for your addressing it here! I am more of the user side camp because I can’t stand when it looks good and I can’t find a blooming thing I want! Keep up the good work! Pat A.

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