How Can A Web Designer Handle Bad Design Requests?


Web designers hold the unique and sometimes challenging position of being the middle ground between their clients and an effective, user-friendly website.

In occupying this critical position, it’s not uncommon for affordable web designers to face requests from clients or even other parts of the development team that simply will not work.

While the customer is always right and ultimately web design services must do as requested, designers can also try to fend off bad design requests that could be detrimental to the project.

Good tact and logical reasoning are essential for helping clients understand why some of their ideas may not be as great as they initially seem.

1. Listen and Understand

Before waving off a client’s idea with an immediate no, web designers should first take the time to listen to and acknowledge the idea.

Identify what the client wants to do with the idea and give it some serious consideration since it actually came from the client. Web design services must learn about their clients in order to develop the most useful sites for them.

One of the best ways to do that is by identifying whatever problems have about these ideas. Once the problem is understood, affordable web designers can look into whether the client’s idea can actually work and if not, offer better ideas to accomplish the same goals.

2. Assess and Research

With an understanding of the client’s problem and the source of their idea, web designers should assess their offered solution and determine whether or not it will actually work.

Some ideas can turn out to be good ones when properly implemented. Clients whose ideas are examined and used in the design tend to be happier with the results.

At the very least, web design services should research the possibilities of the idea to determine whether it can work and if not, why.

All research and assessment should be viewed in the sense of how the idea addresses the client’s problem and fulfills the need to be user-friendly and effective. Ultimately, only ideas that help the client’s website perform well should be used.

3. Explain and Reason

After researching an unsuitable design idea and determining it would be detrimental to the project, web designers must present this information to the client. The best way to do so is by explaining what it would take to implement their idea and how it could affect the entire project.

When ideas are likely to bring about negative effects, designers must provide valid reasoning as to how the client’s idea would likely reduce user-friendliness and thereby reduce overall website performance. Back this reasoning with statistics and offer other solutions that the client might instead agree with.

To Conclude

Although web designers must always do what the client wants, this doesn’t mean they have to say yes to everything.

Many times, web design services can turn bad design requests around without a conflict simply by better understanding the client and researching the possibilities.

Affordable web designers may be able to keep an unsuitable idea from being implemented by helping clients fully understand the problem so they change their minds on their own!

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