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Houston Web Design

A successful website is only possible if it is well planned and well designed. These days however, finding a quality Houston web design requires a good eye for detail. There are so many individuals claiming to be web designers who actually possess little knowledge about HTML. A business owner can end up having a website with a low quality page if they do not conduct enough research. A website can look visually perfect on the outside, but at the same time have problems in other aspects of its design.

To help sort out the good from the bad, here are some of the most common web design blunders one should watch out for that plague even the most established websites.

  • Poor Layout– One of the things that should avoided is a poorly laid-out website. Basically, layout refers to the arrangement of elements such as text, images, and graphs on the website. A poor layout can make the contents look disorganized and confusing to readers, making the website uninteresting.
  • Poor Navigation– Poor navigation is another common web design problem. That is because there’s no single rule as to how the a navigation menu should be laid-out. Everything about it depends only on the designers perspective or personal taste. Unfortunately, there are designers with a really bad eye when it comes to the website’s navigation system. As much as possible, go for a Houston web design that utilizes a familiar navigation system. The last thing a business owner wants is for their web visitors to leave their page because of confusing navigation menus that are impossible to decipher. Go for something that everyone is familiar with so web visitors feel in control and certain of where they are.
  • Unclear Purpose– Everyone has come across a site at one time or another that’s hard to figure out what it’s for. Having a confusing website is one way to drive web visitors from the site and something that should be avoided at all costs. A good website design should make its purpose clear to the visitors. This can be done by giving a short introduction about the site on the homepage, or by having an ‘About Us’ page on site. If several topics are discussed on the site, then make sure it is properly categorized to avoid confusion.
  • Sloppy Loading Speed– Slow loading speeds are another huge turn off to users. This problem is mainly caused by over-stuffing the page with too much content like videos, photos, and sounds all at once, resulting in the website to drag during loading. The solution is to not cramp-up everything on a single page and compress any object before uploading.
  • Browser Incompatibility Issue – A poorly designed website can sometimes display correctly on one particular browser but not on another or vice-versa. Browser incompatibility is something one should look out for when choosing a web design. To avoid this problem, always check the website’s actual display on every existing browser first to make sure that there are no incompatibility issues between them.

These Houston web design problems can seriously affect the website’s performance in the long run. To avoid them, always ask a web designer for a sample of their work first before committing. If any of these problems shows up on their sample, then the smartest thing to do is move on, and find another person to do the job!


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