Seven Things You Need To Know About Houston SEO


If you want to know how to get found on the internet, this article will focus on seven important factors regarding Houston SEO. You may have just launched your free Joomla website, but don’t expect it to appear on Google’s front page overnight. SEO (search engine optimization) takes time, and you’ll be lucky if you gain some popularity in the first couple of months. Follow along as we outline the seven things you need to know about Houston SEO.

1. Popularity Counts

The first factor is to realize that Google came to dominate the SE market because it found popular sites. Plus, it rates popular sites better than the ones that no-one visits. A key component of your site is its inbound links. As you increase the number of links, your site becomes more popular. Every link is essentially a thumbs-up for you. Someone has discovered you and thinks that you are worthy of directing his or her audience to you.

2. Don’t Spam

The second factor is spam. If the amount of links was all there is to success, it would be simple to post links to any open forum on the internet. Many people do this and it is nothing more than a form of spam. For a while, comment spam may work, but it will end up backfiring. If you engage in such web behavior, you will not only ruin the forums but you will create ill-will towards your website.

3. Content Rules – Great Content Dominates

The third factor is about good content. People want answers to questions. If you can provide this, you will ultimately get rewards through inbound links. This may take some time before you are discovered, but if you find people to tout you online, you’ll get favorable Google placements and, ultimately, increased traffic. The best way to get your site found is to write articles that people want to read and talk about.

4. Titles Matter

The fourth factor is to create a good title. Certain places on pages have more value than others. The most important space on your page is the title. These words count for a whole lot more than anything else. It’s the page title that shows in the menu bar of the window.

5. Quality Backlinks

The fifth factor is to create other easy links. There are some free places where people will know that you are promoting yourself. These include Biznik, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media. Make a page and/or a profile on each of them and link it to your website.

6. PPC (Pay Per Click) Helps

The sixth factor is to realize that you may have to pay for traffic. Advertisements are the best way of attracting attention. Advertising funds Google through sites like yours via pay-per-click AdSense promotions. If you are clever with the wording of your advert and spend a reasonable amount of money, advertising has every chance of working.

7. Size Up the Competition

The seventh and last factor regarding Houston SEO is the necessity to realize that you have lots of competition out there. Search engine optimization is not something you do once. It’s a continual cycle of analysis, adjustment, experimentation, and measurement. Contact an SEO professional to help you identify what will lead to good conversions for your particular business.

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  1. Wow – great insight! The popularity thing is becoming very very important according to everything I read about Google. Do you think that also includes Facebook and Twitter links and interactions?

    • Absolutely. In fact all research shows that even though Facebook and Google are not on the best of terms, Google still takes into account how many times that your wall is posted on. As far as Twitter goes, Google LOVES Tweets. In all the reseach I’ve read on that – the more tweets and re-tweets you have, the better.

      In our own research, if you have a post re-tweeted more than 20 times and has a link in it, that might be all you need to do to get a post ranked high. In Google’s eyes – that blog post is HUGELY popular.

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