Homepage Web Design – What Is Best?


In the fast-paced world of today’s internet, online companies have one chance to make a positive and memorable impression on visitors to interest them enough to stay on the site and search further. The homepage is the first thing most users click on when they find an interesting website; so this is where web design experts must really shine. Over the years, the basic design of a good homepage has changed and as a result, some important new ideas must be considered when designing one for today’s internet.

What’s In A Homepage?

Since this is likely the first impression a web user has of a company, a great homepage must fulfill many different duties at the same time.

  • Create Interest – To begin with, the page should be eye catching and able to create interest. To accomplish this, web design experts must work with the layout, color, and type while accurately portraying the business.

  • Represent Brand – It must look fresh, new and appropriate for the brand being represented.

  • Answer Questions – It must easily answer any questions regarding the brand name, what it does, and how a visitor can contact the business or organization.

  • Entice Further Reading – The homepage must also create a desire for readers to dig deeper into the website in order to learn more.

Capturing the Viewer’s Attention

Today, the best homepage web design seems to have much less actual content or text than before yet work just as well – if not better. By limiting the amount of information on a page to include only a few interesting tidbits and calls for action, it is easier to capture the viewer’s attention and draw them further into the website. For this reason, only the most important ideas should be portrayed. A general idea of what a visitor can find on the site should appear on the homepage, along with an obvious brand name.

Other Design Elements

With the main elements in place, there are only a few more things that must be considered in the design of a prominent and productive homepage.

  • Appeal to Targeted Audience – The site must be attractive to the particular audience being targeted.

  • Be Responsive – It should be user-friendly, effective, and compatible with any type of device.

  • Have Enticing Calls To Action – Headlines and any calls to action should promise the viewer something they want – whether they are looking for information or a particular product.

  • More Than One Homepage Version – One other great way to keep the homepage of a website looking fresh and new is to have more than one homepage designed and rotate them often so the site does not end up looking static. Changing featured information or offers as necessary can keep visitors coming back to see if there is anything new that they can learn about.

All of these things are the hallmarks of a well-designed website.

It may seem as though there is a never-ending list of components to consider when working with web design experts in order to create an efficient and useable website. All of these elements have their place in website design in order to draw traffic to the page and achieve company goals. A poorly designed homepage is detrimental to the productivity of the entire website if it does not draw viewers from the main page to the rest of the website. If reduced traffic or increased bounce backs are a problem with your company’s website, taking a closer look at the homepage may help resolve all of those issues!

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