Has Your Website Entered The Zombie Realm?


For a website to get a lot of traffic that results in conversions, it needs to have certain design and functional qualities. The best web design in College Station Texas requires the use of a fitting, contemporary style, and the most current technology. Unfortunately, too many web design novices end up with a “zombie” website that doesn’t appear in any way. The good news is that a zombie website can arise from the “surfing dead” by paying attention to a few important details and become an attractive and useful website.

What Is A Zombie Site?

Zombie websites are hard to miss – and unfortunately, still rather prevalent. They are websites that remain dependent on outdated everything, do not function well, and are somehow still online – think sl-o-o-ow sites that look like something from another era. Trust is out the window, making it impossible to even think of trusting the company it represents. This is exactly the type of website a business should avoid and instead look for experts who can provide the best web design in College Station TX.

Breathing Life Into Dead Website Design

There are a few major ways to resurrect a website from the living dead that is not as difficult as it may seem. Achieving great College Station web design means making a few significant changes as discussed below). The results should breathe life – and better performance – into the website as a result:

  • Design and Appearance – Following design trends is important for a business to be seen as up-to-date and current; this is some of the main driving forces in online business success. A fresh, current design that is unique to the business is essential. Anything less leaves viewers with questions.

  • Speed – Making a user wait for a website to load is a guaranteed way to lose business. This may have been tolerable in the past when connectivity made most sites function slower than today. Now the internet is at warp speed – and users expect a quick response time.

  • Upgraded Technology – Besides loading speed, website technology is advancing quickly. Current web design in College Station is moving toward responsive design as it offers so many benefits. It allows people to take the internet with them wherever they go – and on any device.

  • Security – Website security is more important than ever and has really advanced in the past few years. Providing a secure website is essential to gain user trust and be viewed as a reputable business.

  • Staying Current – Besides the physical and visual aspects, every competitive website needs up-to-date information, whether that be business or product updates, blog posts, informative articles, etc. The use of social media that is accessed and monitored regularly is also an essential sidekick to every website.

It really is not difficult for a website to maintain its good health and stay out of the realm of the zombies. Keeping on top of the latest trends and technology thanks to modern web design in College Station TX is all that is required. A user-friendly, fresh-looking design, combined with the latest security features and frequent updates is the basic recipe used by the best websites. Other features, such as optimization and specific functions, can be added as necessary to achieve the best, most efficient website possible!

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