Happy Independence Day – plus special bonus!


Happy 4th of July!!

I want to wish all our readers and clients a very happy 4th of July Independence Day holiday! The 4th of July is especially important to me and Web Unlimited. Why? Follow along as I share the Web Unlimited story.

It all started seven years ago. Tara, my wife and our current President and CEO, and I had had a rough couple of months as she had been laid off from her job at a fairly large bio-tech firm — on April 1. Yes you read that one right. What a horrible joke they played on us.

Anyways we were having a rough go because we were trying to get her another job and, well in the College Station, TX, bio-tech jobs are few and far between. We were almost at our rope’s end and really were trying to figure out if we should stay or leave to a bigger city? We loved College Station and thought it would be a huge mistake to leave it and move to somewhere like Houston or Dallas, but if that’s what we had to do… well that’s what we would have to do.

On June 30, 2003 (three months after Tara’s lay off), as I was about to pack it up for the day, my current boss at another Web Design firm called some of the staff into the conference room. Strange.

As we all milled in there we all were wondering what we were there for. As the boss came in, he had a sober look as he told us that he was going to have to lay us all off.


So there we were – Tara and I were both laid off at the exact same time. Talk about a rough night that was.

The next morning, July 1, 2003,  we had a choice to make. Find employment elsewhere (I was sure I could as I thought I had talent and ambition) and possibly move or start up a company. Tara and I decided turn lemons into lemonade and start up our own company.

So with $200 and a dream to build the best web design firm in the Brazos Valley, we started Brazos Valley Design.

We found two clients in the next week and started building our client base. We still have both of those clients to this day. In fact we just re-designed our very first client and absolute favorite author’s site – Kathi Appelt.

In the next few months we were introduced to somebody who eventually invested in our business – Jeremy Hyde. He is now our VP Business Development and through his influence we have built a nationwide brand – Web Unlimited.

In the past seven years we have grown to a client base of around 300 clients – I’m positive we have designed more websites than any other web design firm in the Bryan/College Station area. Right now we are growing at a pace of between 10-20 websites per month.

Web Unlimited has also become Houston’s newest Houston Web Designers as we have recently opened an office in Houston. We are currently looking at expanding into the Austin and Dallas markets as well.

So as you can see the 4th of July signifies not only the Independence Day of America, but of myself and Tara and the start of our company. We always celebrate this time of year a little more than we used to as we both absolutely love what we do and wouldn’t change it for the world!!

Special Bonus

As a special token from Tara, Jeremy and myself – I would like to offer a 10% discount off your next purchase in the month of July. Just use the code INDEPENDENCE in the store or just mention this blog post to our sales staff.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend!!


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  1. That was an interesting story. Maybe you were really “destined” to start your own company. Well, congratulations for the success of your company and thanks for the discount you offer to your readers.

  2. @ Heru and Jyron – Thank you!! Yes we’re pretty successful and thankful for all of the clients that helped us become successful in the past 7 years. 🙂

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