Got HTTPS? Here Are 2 Other Technologies You Need!


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With website design becoming more complex and cybersecurity risks more prevalent every day, creating and managing secure yet effective websites is also more challenging. Keeping up with the fast pace of web design requires that you pay attention to the latest developments in technology.

Progressing to the more secure and encrypted HTTPS protocol was the first step in this effort. Web design services must now begin to recognize other important technology to improve site performance in this age of fast and secure sites.

HTTP/2 Protocol

HTTP/2 is an updated version of the original HTTP1.1 protocol that has been used in website design for more than 15 years. It provides many enhancements over the older/current HTTP coding system, which increases site speeds and overall site performance.

HTTP/2 is a more secure protocol and can only be used on sites that have already migrated to the HTTPS SSL format. Since most web design services have already done this, it should be easy to implement the HTTP/2 protocol.

Besides working in conjunction with HTTPS that makes it more secure, HTTP/2 offers the following benefits that can improve web design performance and make sites more effective:

  • Parallel Downloading – HTTP/2 allows multiplexing or concurrent downloading of multiple requests on the same browser using a single connection; pages are loaded faster.
  • Header Compression – This reduces header size automatically using HPACK header compression, which is more efficient than Gzip and other compression tools.  
  • Binary Code – Binary HTTP/2code is more efficient than textual HTTP1.1 code, which must be converted into binary. HTTP/2 eliminates this entire step.
  • Prioritization and Resource Allocation – HTTP/2 has the ability to prioritize requests to facilitate delivery of more important resources. It also utilizes server push, which allocates resources that the technology determines to be most useful for the site based on client requests.

Brotli Compression

Brotli is a compression algorithm that all website design firms should follow since it is being developed by Google. According to compression tests performed by Google, Brotli is about 25% more effective than other compression algorithms including Gzip and Zopfli. Currently, Brotli is supported by all browsers other than Internet Explorer and by an increasing number of global applications as development continues. Like HTTP/2, Brotli can only be implemented in web design that utilizes the HTTPS protocol.

Benefits that web design services can gain by implementing Brotli are better page and website performance, which usually results in improved site effectiveness. In comparison to other compression tools, Brotli shrinks CSS, JavaScript, XML and HTML files smaller, using both dynamic and static compression, resulting in smaller page size with a faster load time.

Website design companies looking for greater website security along with improved web design performance should already be switched to and developing with HTTPS SSL protocol. Once they are, the security features in HTTPS allow web design services to take advantage of two newer performance-enhancing technologies, HTTP/2 and Brotli compression. Sites developed using all three will perform better, be more secure, and improve the results that clients get from their websites!

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