Got A New Website Design? Learn Where To Host Your Website!


Before you can even think about publishing a great web design for your business website, you must decide where to host it. There are many hosting sites offering a variety of options ranging from free plans to hosting costs of a hundred dollars or more per month. How do you choose the right host for your website?

Picking a web hosting service involves more than just looking for the best price. Consider these tips that web design companies use to compare hosting sites to find the best website hosting service.

What Are Their Hosting Features?

Learn exactly what hosting services provide for their web design hosting service. Standard features typically include:

  1. Easy to use control panel.
  2. Email, POP3, email forwarding, and other email services.
  3. Website development and tracking tools.
  4. Enough space for your website.
  5. Adequate bandwidth and more for your website.

Packages might also include ecommerce options with shopping carts, popular HTML design programs, and other options.

Review these features carefully and be sure they have the option to use a website design with specific CMS. Confirm that the provided space, bandwidth, and other features let you store files and ensure the load speed is adequate. If not, find out if you can choose a different plan. Pay attention to the security features offered as these are essential for a website.

What Technical Support Is Offered?

No matter how well you plan a website, every web design company knows the time will come when you need tech support, often at an inopportune time. Be sure you know what support each package provides, whether it is via email, chat, or phone support as well as hours of availability. Most reliable website hosts offer support 24/7 and get back to clients quickly to resolve any issues.

How About Uptime and Reputation with Customers?

No matter how many features a hosting site may offer and how easily you can access your website, a high amount of downtime is a red flag to any web design company. Downtime means a website is not available to customers who will receive an unavailability message instead of reaching one of your pages.

Obviously, this is bad for any business. Research the host’s uptime reports and read customer reviews about the site to see how reliable it is, how often it experiences downtime, and how quickly the site is brought back online.

Finding the right web host is critical to the success of your website; however, not all hosts are created equal in terms of features, reliability, and support. Although well-designed website hosting plans come in a range of prices, the proverbial “you get what you pay for” is also true here.

Choose your host the way a professional web design company would and base your decision on what you get for the charges, not the fee itself!

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