Google’s Matching Content Filtering Can Happen to You!


There are times when searching for a topic through search engines can be difficult, especially when many ofHouston_SEO_Servicesthe links in the search engine results pages seem to have identical articles. It looks like different authors come up with articles that are very similar, often word-for-word the same which is not really the case. What actually happens is an author often decides to post content to several different sites or someone else has copied that same content and used it on their own website as a means of Houston SEO services. The result is duplicate contents showing up and potentially resulting in poor search quality. To resolve this problem, Google has devised a method of filtering out pages that have identical content.

Filtering Consequences

Although Google’s filtering is a good thing for improving search engine results quality and user experience, it can also pose a significant problem to Houston SEO services and article writers. A website that has an identical article, regardless of whether being the original source of it, will have a hard time being ranked due to low relevancy scores. In order to avoid being penalized wrongly because of a similar article on the internet, here are a few measures that can be taken.

Avoiding Penalties

Unfortunately, it is very easy to copy content that has been posted to a website or article directory – and there is very little that can be done to prevent this from happening. So it is important to take safety measures planned to avoid being penalized wrongly by the search engines for having duplicate content

Original Ideas – The first step in avoiding duplicate content is drawing up original ideas that fit the designated keywords for the website. Then the finished product will be one hundred percent authentic in every way. If writing an original article is too difficult, the alternative would be to get ideas from an existing content and improve on them by adding relevant information or delivering it in a different manner so that it becomes a unique composition rather than a duplicate.

Copy Prevention – Once an article has been posted, the next step is to protect it from being copied. There is an online tool called “Copyscape” an article can be checked to see if the content has been duplicated on the internet. Simply enter the website’s URL and the tool will do its job searching the web for sites that may have any identical content. If an unauthorized copy does exist, one may file a DMCA take down notice with the site’s web hosting company. Instructions are available at Google’s DMCA page.

In summary, being penalized for duplicate content is very frustrating, especially for original content creators; however, filtering is also necessary to improve user experience. To solve this dilemma, it is up to web owners and Houston SEO services to protect online material, by penning unique ideas and checking the internet as often as possible for unauthorized duplication of any original material!

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  1. What can I do if I notice someone duplicates my content? I always double check my content to make sure it’s not already in use, but then I notice later on that my content has been duplicated by other sites.

    • If you notice duplicate content, the first thing would be to contact the site and ask that it is removed.

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