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Austin_TX_SEOGood traffic flow is important for any website, which is the reason why choosing a well-trained Austin SEO company to optimize one is essential as any technical problems can be detrimental to attracting visitors. According to many professionals, most technical issues can be traced directly to poor website structure. Following is some information about the many benefits of having a well-organized internet location.


It is imperative that a website be well-organized to attract the search engine spiders to find and index web pages with relevant content; this will increase the page rank of such pages. Furthermore, having a good website structure with proper content can attract others to such content; such inbound links can be used to attract other viewers to the site. Increased ranking will reach more prospective clients or customers, which will eventually help a business to achieve a goal of greater profits.


Following are some tips on how a good website structure can be developed.

  • Organizational Chart – Using Visio or Excel, a diagram of the various sections of the website can be created, with each section properly categorized and then broken down into smaller sub-sections. A chart should include everything on the website and be well-categorized.
  • Evaluate Concept – If there is a section or sub-section that seems to be too large with many items or points beneath it, check it to see how much traffic it gets. This process is essential in order to judge where each paticular item should be placed.
  • Rearrange Sections – Each section should be arranged according to its significance. By having a chart and then evaluating it, rearranging items accordingly will be easier. For instance, if a certain sub-section receives a higher percentage of backlinks than another, move that particular portion so it is at a higher level on the chart.
  • Reevaluate – There may be circumstances when an Austion SEO firm hired to optimize the website discovers that certain parts are insignificant and not beneficial to visitors. If this is the case, deleting such pages or parts is probably the best thing to do. Always keep in mind that it is better to have twenty quality pages than a hundred useless ones.

Section Names

Once a site structure has been established, naming each section is the next important task to accomplish. If the subject has a number of relevant portions, it is a good idea to sub-section headings for each separate paragraph. Remember when naming each sub-heading, it is important to take into consideration what the target audiences are looking for so each section should be named with something to compliment the keywords being used by searchers.

If all of information referenced above about good website structure is used, any internet page should yield many visitors if it is properly optimized by the best Austin SEO design company!

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