Use Good Methods When Writing Web Articles!


Houston_Web_DesignIn order to continue to provide users with good, quality results from searches, Google has added another helpful tool called Panda. This tiny, yet powerful add-on sifts through all articles content before it is ranked on the results pages. A result of this change as noted by Houston web design experts affects the writing of articles to be posted on the internet, drawing greater attention to creating informative, quality articles that conform to Panda’s requirements.

It is important at this time for all writers to get rid of any bad practices, instead concentrating on being creative and recognizing any bad habits that should be eliminated. Following are some pertinent examples of how to avoid the bad and increase the good writing habits that will bring great SEO results.

Keyword Usage

In the past, attracting organic traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines was done through the utilization of keywords in web pages. Although still applicable, it needs to be expanded from solely focusing on keyword optimization and instead including optimization through social networking. Being visible and getting more traffic from social websites will indeed lead to an increase in search engine results pages.


Often times a writer has many articles to write and the temptation exists to get them all done as quickly as possible by just putting a lot of keywords into an article that does not make much sense. This will indeed compromise the quality of what is being produced and the result will be something that is barely acceptable. With Google’s Panda update, such an SEO strategy just will not work. Low-quality articles will actually detract from high-quality ones on a website. Therefore, the best strategy is to decrease quantity and rely on fewer articles with high-quality content to elevate a website’s ranking.

Using Multi-Media

The conventional strategy was to obtain faster, cheaper and easier pages by simply filling a page with text that could be done in a relatively short period of time. Current design tends to want to improve a web page’s appearance with multi-media elements. It does take longer and probably costs more money; however, a site with photos or videos added will be shared across social networks and likely increase incoming links to a website which is indeed valuable in increasing search engine results.

Houston web design experts offer a big word of caution here: balance each page between quality text and flashy multi-media elements as it still remains true that the internet spiders can only read text – not pictures or video. So use multi-media effectively but sparingly and always rely on good quality content/text to achieve optimal SEO results.

Spinning – or Recycling?

Many people come up with a good topic and then get more information by searching other websites and spinning or recycling that content into another version. There is actually nothing wrong with this action because there may be many interested readers about a topic that would welcome another fresh approach.

Again, a word of caution here: there is low-quality spinning and there is high-value recycling. The difference between the two is that low-value is simply rewording an article while high-value recycling takes a subject matter, adds new ideas and thoughts, and delivers to readers something that is unique and original. Be sure SEO efforts with articles always uses the high-value recycling approach.


Thanks to Google’s Panda, the emphasis has continued on providing good quality content to websites. Houston web design experts state that it may be difficult and challenging to eliminate any bad practices and conform to the higher standards set forth with this important update; don’t let this concern prevent doing the right thing. Always remember to use good methods to produce high quality articles and the results will be truly startling!

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    • Good questing. Spinning, like the article said, is low quality. Basically it involves changing a minimum number of words in the article and claiming it to be your own. Recycling is using previous information in a new way, or just for reference.

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