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Houston Web DesignersA marketing campaign that is based on building a website tells a global audience about the existence of a business, a brand, a company, or a product; however, Houston web designers cannot accomplish this alone. A properly prepared design is required that will easily explain or present what this website is all about.

One of the problems of ineffective web design is its inability to convey a website’s purpose which confuses an average user and is the opposite of what any company would want. This can lead to a high bounce rate – visitors leaving a website without conducting any business, defeating the purpose of building an internet presence.

All visitors should understand the function and purpose of a website in the first 5 seconds of a visit as this is the break-even point as to whether a visitor will stay or leave. So it is important to be able to take advantage of such a short window of opportunity. Here are some elements that can help make a website’s purpose clear.

Color Theme and Logo

The first thing that is noticed on a website are the visual aspects of the design, an important item that must reflect a website’s purpose. A popular business with a well-known logo or color combination should use the logo and colors to identify and distinguish the website upon first glance. Ideally, the logo should be located at the top left portion of the page as this is where most browsing begins.

If a business is not well known, visual cues are even more important to explain the purpose of a website which can often be relayed through topic-related images. For example, if the business is a roofing service, then the website should use images of roofs with workers replacing the material. Web designers in Houston advise that conveying a visual message is important and should be creatively handled.


The next step to convey a company’s internet message is to use a tag line. A tag line is a short, concise message that portrays a brand and company identity. It is important because web users typically do not take the time to read an entire paragraph about a company’s purpose. For example, a courier company may use a tag line that says “We deliver on time” to clearly state the company’s identity and purpose.

One thing to avoid about tag lines is using vague or unclear phrases that are hard to understand. For example, a car dealership’s website utilizing a tag line that says “Making the World a Better Place” needs restatement. It sounds good but doesn’t clearly represent a company’s image, making it difficult for users understand.

Clearly stating the purpose of a website is vital to success. Web design is more than just pretty designs and clever effects; it must convey an obvious purpose to visitors at a glance. Hopefully these design principles have offered insight into how to make an understandable and useful website!

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