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Houston Web DesignersHow a website appears to the eyes of the public is more than just providing information and product advertising. It must have the right look and feel to attract visitors and give the right impression upon arrival. Creating a better curb appeal means instantly grabbing a surfer’s attention and emotions. Houston web designers believe that the first impression is how a visitor will judge the website and subsequently impact buying decisions.

Following are a few instructions on how the right curb appeal can bring more potential buyers and more sales.

  • Keep it Simple – Web design does not have to be complicated; it should be kept simple and minimalistic. Removing unnecessary elements and providing accurate and easily digestible information is more important than having an unorthodox design that may be an eye sore to viewers. To achieve a better visual appearance, always look for the right balance between useability and visual appeal through simplicity. A clean and uncluttered layout will captivate visitors attention and allow them to browse. It is recommended by Houston web designers to avoid overdoing or crowding a website; white space is necessary to boost the best look and appeal to attract the attention of potential buyers.

  • Standard Fonts – Sometimes fonts have a strong impact on how information is displayed and must be given the proper consideration. Some computers fonts are pre-set and incompatible with a site’s content. To prevent this from occurring and affecting visual appeal, always use a standard font.

  • Right Color – Vision is commonly governed by eye-catching colors. Picking the right color scheme can have a significant impact on a website’s visual appeal and professionalism; however, there are several factors to be considered, such as: targeted audience; accessibility; shade, and the number of colors to use. Always select a professional color combination.

  • Fluid Layout – One challenge is creating a flexible layout. There are newer, hybrid designs that will a layout to automatically stretch to any screen size and resolution. The major advantage of creating a fluid layout is that users can have a visually attractive browsing experience no matter what device is being used.

Visual aesthetics play an important part in creating a positive website impression. That initial impression can either encourage a visitor to continue further on the website – or leave and move on to another one. From a user’s viewpoint, a website should have intuitive navigation, be user-friendly, and be well-organized. This does not mean being dependent on only aesthetics. For Houston web designers, this means the site should have the capacity to attract visitors and the right curb appeal for a conversion rate that can directly impact sales!

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