Forceful Website Design Trends For 2019!


The new year is finally here and with its arrival, web design services everywhere are paying attention to the latest design trends and finding great ways to incorporate them.

This is the best time to learn about the trends that are expected to take website design by storm in 2019 and start putting them to use.

As website design strategies are reviewed and reworked, don’t forget to add a website update to incorporate these fresh, new design trends to attract and convert customers.

1. Bold Type, Minimalist Design

The use of typography as a design element comes and goes in website design.

Currently, the trend seems to be moving back toward large bold type especially when combined with plain minimalist design.

The right typeface in the right size and color can be used to enhance simpler sites and create mood and direction without all the clutter and confusion that other elements might add.

2. Personalized Website Experiences

Web design has become more personal over the past few years, focusing more on the individual user and their needs to increase conversion.

Personalization is a huge factor in site development and design, with a growing emphasis on serving users based on their specific demographics, search activities, and other personal details.

The more personal and fine-tuned a user’s website experience is, the more likely they are to become customers.

3. Voice Controlled User Interfaces

Voice queries are taking over internet search as more and more traffic moves to mobile search.

Voice-controlled interfaces are now becoming more useful on actual websites as well.

As voice search becomes more popular, a good website design strategy for improving user-friendliness on any website is to add voice control.

4. Animations, Gifs, and Augmented Reality

User engagement is essential for any website design to achieve its goals.

Beyond video that has become an essential content type for increasing views and holding user interest longer, the addition of small animations and gifs to attract and guide users is another effective technique to consider when developing a successful website design strategy.

Augmented reality is yet one more element that can greatly improve engagement and website effectiveness.

5. Chatbots

Chatbots that offer users immediate assistance when they need it is another technology that designers can add to any website.

Chatbots ensure that customers with questions are assisted before they leave a site with their problem unresolved.

Chatbots offer an affordable solution for serving users without having to pay an actual person to be there 24/7.

6. Sticky Elements

Sticky elements, like control buttons and special links that follow users as they move throughout a website have proven to be very useful in today’s mobile-friendly web design landscape.

When you can reduce the need to click back or move to a different page by including relevant buttons on the user interface, user-friendliness and experience improve.

7. Progress Bars

Guiding users through processes is another way to ensure they can accomplish what they came to do.

Whether that’s making a purchase, filling out a form, or some other multi-part action, progress bars that guide the user and let them know when they have actually finished the process are a great addition to a site.

You Must Pay Attention to Forceful Design Trends

With web design practices changing so frequently and website design strategies becoming more complex, it’s essential to pay attention to trends as they develop to stay ahead of the game.

As 2019 comes rolling in, try these useful website design trends on your site to improve user-friendliness and design effectiveness for best results!

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