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Backgrounds play an important role in website design, especially considering all the ways web design is changing today. While some sites may perform best with simple backgrounds, others can benefit when website design services handle this element in a more creative way. The right background can make your website truly unforgettable.

The Hero Image Background

The use of bold, beautiful, and high-quality images as backgrounds has become very popular in recent years as the emphasis on responsive and mobile-first website design has increased. In this type of setting, image backgrounds are quite effective at creating mood and giving viewers a preliminary look at what the website is about.

To generate the proper results, it is essential for website design services to help you choose the most fitting photo to use as a “hero” image. It must have high resolution so it is clear on all screen sizes and must depict a clear idea without any distractions. A hero image must also contrast well against any text used over it and avoid exceptionally bright colors. A great hero image can make a powerful statement about your website.

The Video Background

Another type of web design background gaining popularity today is the attention-grabbing video background. Used in nearly the same way as a hero image, large video image backgrounds have been shown to greatly increase conversion rates. Yet they can be more difficult to use than a static hero image.

To successfully use a video background in your website design, there are a few important details that must be considered. First, a video background should not include sound and must be greatly contrasted from any text that will be set over it. The resolution must be high enough to look good on most screen sizes, with a small enough file size that images load on all devices. Another important factor website design services must consider when using a video background is browser compatibility and the need for plugins.

The Animated Background

Animated backgrounds are quickly becoming a preferred option in web design since there are countless ways they can be used. From full-page image and graphic animations to ones involving only graphical elements on the main page, these backgrounds are great when used as a site introduction, functional hover navigation elements, and other creative ways to attract interest and draw users in.

Hover animations are especially popular and very easy to incorporate into any design. Animated backgrounds offer somewhat of a combination of video and image backgrounds and are easily designed using browser-friendly .gif animations.

The background is one of the first website design elements viewers see, so it should be striking and engaging. Because of this, creative backgrounds are becoming a new staple in exciting and effective web design.

While some of the options discussed above may not be suitable for every website, experienced website design services can use hero images, video, and animations in great ways to bring attention to your website and make it more memorable. If you want your website to really stand out, start with a great background!

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