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Texas_Web_Desisu_FirmWebsites are built to represent a business, a product, or even a personal portfolio over the internet. Although perceived as being a daunting task, it can actually be a fun process particularly when working with the right people. Designing is an opportunity to express creativity and imagination. With the right attitude, discipline, and a good Texas web design firm to help, it is possible to create a website that is functional and enjoyable to use at the same time.

Creating a fun website is an effective way to connect with visitors. The internet is flooded with millions of internet locations that are almost impossible to distinguish from each other. In order to stand out in a user’s mind, it is important to make an impression – and a lasting one can often be made by having fun.


So what does it take to create a fun website? It starts with a positive attitude both from the developer and the client since the building process requires collaboration from both individuals. A good Texas web design professional developer knows how to listen to clients for input and learn what needs to be reflected in the design.


The most effective development approach is to introduce interactive elements to the regular functionality of a website. For example, a navigation tab is a must; however, this vital piece is overused and often bland. By incorporating fun into the design, there are many ways to spice up and add surprise to the navigation tabs to be appealing to users. Here are some ideas on how to increase the fun factor of a website.

  • Add Personality – A website has to have a personality to be able to connect with its visitors, which can be achieved if the design elements that are used have a clear identity. For example, if the site offers a particular service like roof repair, it would be a great focal point for the theme of the design. Doing so will make it easier for users to identify the purpose of the website.
  • Engage Visitors – After choosing features that would give identity to a website, the next step is to make each element engaging. For example, insert some user input into the functionality of a standard navigation menu that needs to be completed before an option can be selected. That could be entertaining as long as it is not allowed to become frustrating for a user.
  • Tell a Story – Another way to make a website fun to navigate is to tell a story; it should be interesting,and relate to the subject matter of the website. This can be done by putting an illustration on the homepage to make the story pop-up when a mouse hovers over the characters.
  • Be Coherent – Added fun visual elements must be consistent with the general purpose of a website. Be sure that the message has a positive impact on the reader and not the opposite. The message can also be delivered while incorporating effects as visitors read through each page.
  • Don’t Sacrifice Functionality – When deciding on a fun element, be sure that it does not interfere with normal functions. Keep such elements in the background since some users don’t have the time to play around. It should be reasonable and not create obstacles for those who are in a hurry.

In order for a website to be memorable, it helps to add a fun element so that lasting memories are positive ones. Work with a designer who is creative and knows how to portray a positive personality in designs. A good tip is to think of some favorite websites and then examine what elements make them so popular – most likely that common factor is fun!

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  1. Thank you for the great article! I’m researching design ideas and I’m wondering how personalized I can make it without it looking unprofessional. Any other tips you can give?

    • Great question! I would suggest using a template site and replacing the default info with your information, logos, and colors. You still get the great professional design but your information is on it!

    • Any good and professional web marketing firm knows exactly how to optimize but still keep you and your vision apparent in the the web design. The more you communicate with them when creating a vision for how you want your web site to look and sound the more you can be sure to get exactly what you want.

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