E-Commerce Web Designs Need Great Product Descriptions!


A useful website that anticipates a user’s needs, and provides for them in advance, is one that will be successful in obtaining more conversions. This is especially important on e-commerce websites, where users depend on easy functionality and the ability to get great information about offered products. Working with the best web design company, businesses who sell their merchandise through e-commerce sites must appreciate the value of detailed product descriptions that need to be included to have an effective web design.

Why Does A Product Descriptions Matter?

The best web designers know that online shopping is a quick, convenient way for buyers to get what they want; however, the sales on these sites depend on a smooth purchasing process. Anyone who understands web design knows that from the initial search to the final checkout, any bumps in the road that slow the process, by confusing or frustrating the user, reduces the selections that actually make it to checkout. Product descriptions can cause this to happen. Buyer who are unsure of what they are buying will leave the website.

Important E-Commerce Web Design Features

The best web design experts suggest planning ahead to avoid; provide a complete, detailed product description so there is no question about the product. Then a buyer can learn what they need to know about the product and conclude a sale in confidence. Some of the ways a website owner can help this process along is by including the important features mentioned below in their web design.

  • Concise, Descriptive Information – The best web design companies know that long, wordy descriptions should be avoided. On the other hand, all necessary details must be provided to give a complete picture of the product. Explanations that are lengthy or written in marketing jargon detract from a good description with unnecessary clutter. A buyer who is already there, looking at the product, wants specifics, not a sales pitch. Product details and clear photos are best at this stage of the buying process.

  • Answer Most Anticipated Questions – Research shows that one-fifth of all abandoned purchases could have been prevented by providing answers to commonly-asked product questions. While it is impossible to know every conceivable question a buyer might ask, there are some questions common to certain products. Provide them either in the product description or a Q&A format, which specifically points users to the information. The best website must be designed to think like a customer and the main questions they will ask. Being able to find the answers on the product page, or via a clear link to another page is a huge bonus for easy shopping – and a high sales conversion rate.

  • Offer Product Comparisons – Web analytics demonstrate that people spend a good amount of time comparing products before choosing one. A web design with a product comparison function is important; it streamlines the shopping and final purchase process. It is imperative to remember the goal is to keep a user browsing and shopping because they have everything they need to make a purchase decision.

The best e-commerce web design must be functional and informational about the products being sold, not just a list of products attached to a shopping cart. The best web designers plan ahead with answers to questions before they are even asked as well as other conveniences that streamline product selection and purchase. For those who want a web design that is second to none, work with qualified and experienced web designers who know how to achieve these important design goals – then sit back and watch product sales climb!

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