Don’t Overlook Your Website’s Typography!


College Station Web DesignWebsite building involves the use of many different design and planning tactics to create a site that works best for an individual business or organization. Depending on the the specific website features – a shopping cart, information only, mostly images, etc. – the components such as design, color, and optimization must come be handled differently. This is especially true with typography, that element that gives a website character.

Typography and Fonts – Not the Same Thing

Many people think that fonts and typography are the same – well, they are not. Typography includes different typefaces or fonts; however, it is how those fonts are used that actually defines typography. Font faces, styles, weights, and other variables gives a certain character to a website, which is an important part of web design.

Through the use of the right typeface for each website, typography displays words for reading and also emphasizes, adds pattern and shape, and sets mood or tone. This has greater impact in the design of a website than just choosing a favorite font.

Typeface Selection

How is the best or right typeface selected for a website; what are the important elements to consider?

  • Appearance and Readability – Viewed at a standard size, fonts must be easy to read to retain viewers interest. It is especially crucial to test every font at smaller and larger resolutions as well, as not every viewer will access a page from the same device. Some typeface will decompose the smaller or larger it gets, which is an important fact to know. While more stylish fonts have become easier to use, it is better to use certain styles on certain times, such as san-serif for body text and script for large headlines only. 

  • Appropriateness for Purpose and Content – Fonts are fun and exciting to use, which is why there are so many. Different emotions or moods can be depicted that allow the web designers to create expectation and recognition. Plainer fonts tend to give a professional appearance, while fancier ones are more playful or handle certain themes or subject matter better.

Strategically used, different typeface offer a skillful way to add creativity and style to any website while helping that brand or organization get their message across to viewers. An example would be the way cute, curly pastel colored typeface would be appropriate and comfortable on a baby products website or baby blog and yet be inappropriate on one that provides information about industrial supplies.

The qualities that every font must share before it should be used on a website are those mentioned above, ones that have a great impact on the success or failure of a website’s appeal to the targeted audiences by sending the right message. The expert use of typography can greatly enhance a website’s usability and success. A web designer should understand such details about fonts in order to have the best website design for a client and take advantage of such a benefit to be sure that the correct representation a company’s purpose and goals – and typography can indeed achieve that objective!

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