Don’t Overlook Important Aspects of Google Analytics


SEO in HoustonGoogle Analytics or GA has new features that are very useful for marketing SEO in Houston that are often overlooked as these components seem to be hidden in the Google menus. Knowing some of these helpful features will greatly improve any website’s optimization strategies.

GA advances and becomes more powerful and complex with these new feature that include page speed, in-page analytics, network reports and a motion chart.

Page Speed

This component allows owners to see average loading time of individual pages and generates reports of loading visits by seconds. Every bit of a second counts, especially when transferring data. Visitors can get easily annoyed by slow transfer speed and may click to another website on the results pages. So it is important for SEO in Houston designers to discern a single page’s loading speed. Since it provides data per second per page, it is easier to pinpoint which section of a website needs transfer speed improvement.

On-Page Analytics

This is a standalone browser size tool that can be clicked on and hover over a web page’s bands; it then gives the actual percentage or various sections that can be seen. On-page analytics can be found by going to the Metrics section then Show Color, which is under the Browser Size button.

With the revolution of mobile phones, pads, and ultrabooks, designers have been having issues with screen size adjustments. This can become a problem since a creative call-to-action button is useless when viewers can’t see it when browsing on handheld devices. This Google feature offers helpful information that shows the actual browser size information experienced by users not meeting internet averages.

Network Report

This component is also known as Reverse IP Lookup which records a variety of technographics of every user who visits a website. Technographics information such as operating system, screen, etc., can display the names of big companies who happen to visit a website.

The technographics information can be used to discern the actual experience at a user’s end and that data can be useful to adjust a website’s color theme, content, and graphics. For example, if the results show that there are a greater number of prospects using lower operating system versions on computers and in a large enough volume, then a designer may need to tweak a website to be appealing to these viewers.

Motion Chart

This provides graphical data that shows which channels are attracting visits and which content is being quickly consummated. It uses four tools with its visualization: a varying bubble size which signifies the metrics so users will have a good sense of proportion; color that is used for various segments; an X axis which can be assigned for one metric; and a Y axis for another one.

A motion chart is very useful with content and blog sites. Web page content can be monitored as well as average page view changes over time. This tool can be run by opening Traffic, selecting All Traffic Sources, and then choose the Motion Chart and then click play.

Google’s statistical service has become a widely used tool in generating website statistics and offers more detailed data about user visits. It can also generate helpful reports for tracking the tools visitors use on a website including pay-per-click, displayed advertising, digital collateral, and e-mail marketing and offers a premium version for a fee. The basic version is free of charge and very useful for most SEO efforts. So don’t overlook these highly effective aspects of Google Analytics!

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