Don’t Let Your Website Succumb To These Mistakes!


Texas Website DesignerThe competition has become fierce on the internet as a business venue, making the need for a great website essential. Never has it been more important for a website to properly perform, as one error is all it may take to decrease its page ranking. Finding a good Texas website designer can create a functional and effective internet presence for a business. Following are some things to avoid in this web design endeavor.

  • Spelling and Grammar – All content should be closely reviewed for spelling or grammatical errors that create such a poor company image, causing a business to lose credibility and turn visitors away. This is also true regarding the use of SEO keywords, which validates the concept that keyword use should not be the content’s main point.
  • Flash, Animation, and Video – Although it may seem as if flash, animation, music and videos should enhance a visitor’s experience, the fact is that most users do not like it. So avoid using it or at least make sure of providing an easily accessible way to leave them. Having to search for where music or videos are coming from pretty much guarantees that people will simply leave the page.
  • Frames, Pop-Ups, PDF’s – Each one of these things disrupts a user from reading the content and should be avoided at all costs. PDF files can be offered as an option; however, content should still be available as regular text on a page. Frames are outdated and create problems when readers want to return to a previously-viewed page. All of these things can cause frustration – which is not the way to keep visitors on a page.
  • Poor Content – If content is poor in both quality and layout, it is of no benefit. Using fonts that are too decorative, too small or too large; using disruptive color choices; and not having color changes for previously-visited links are all examples of poor content that will keep visitors away rather than retaining them.
  • No Search Box – Every website no matter what it is about needs a search box to make it user friendly and help guide readers around the site. Lacking a search box will lead visitors back to Google and a different website.
  • Slow Loading – Loading speed is one of the main reasons why visitors quickly leave a web page. A website must be optimized by a good Texas website designer to load quickly, especially the home page. Those searching the internet for information will not wait more than a few seconds of download time, so slow loading time on the main browsers only ensures a lot of bounces and not much more.
  • Outdated Content – There is nothing wrong with having a lot of information, with more quality content being very helpful; however the content must be up-to-date and current. Adding fresh content is essential in order to attract visitors and stay competitive in the page rankings.

These are just some of the website mistakes that should be avoided. Having an efficient and well-performing internet presence is not something that happens overnight; being aware of what not to do allows for focus to remain on doing all the right things. One of the best things to do is to contact a reputable and experienced Texas website designer to review a website for its weak points and advise what steps should be taken to make a site more user friendly to attract more visitors who ultimately become loyal customers!

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