Don’t Let Your Website Stumble With Poor Footer Design


Houston Web DesignWhen creating a website, a great deal of Houston web design focuses on certain readily apparent areas such as the header or content layout; however, one area that is often overlooked is the footer. Although a less noticeable part of a web page, it can still be used strategically to improve website usability.

Located at the bottom of a page and often viewed last, it can also serve as a point of transition to other useful website functions. So instead of neglecting the footer, it can be designed to show the way to even more useful locations. Below are some effective and creative footer design concepts.

Site Map – Adding a site map to the bottom of a page can be very convenient to website users. Conventionally, a site map is a separate page, especially for larger websites; however, for smaller ones it can be simplified and added to the bottom of every page. Since the normal motion of reading leads the readers eyes to the bottom of the page, such a location when well designed can cause a user to wonder what else can be found on the website. Of course, this can also be accomplished with a good navigation menu, although users have to go back to the top of a page for such access. Having a noticeable site map when most needed will simplify any browsing experience.

Advanced Functions – Another useful footer function is catering to advanced functions such as an RSS feed or email subscriptions. Often, such functions are located on a right-hand sidebar; however, this can take space away from content. Having such functions at the bottom can free up space, reduce design clutter, and serve as a way for users to receive email or other regular updates. Installed in the middle of a page is good, although users usually do not make a decision until content has been read and a favorable opinion has been left. A footer with this information can help encourage readers when feeling most favorable about the content.

Search Bar – Users often end up at the bottom of a page when content has been read or a desired product found; however, a more common cause is being lost and unable to find the desired product, service, or information. Houston web designers advise that having a search bar in the footer is like handing someone who is lost a map to their destination.

Content Promotion – Another useful function of the footer is content promotion. Instead of browsing a single page for a single piece of information, why not use the footer as a place to promote more content by offering additional options with a link to find such information?

While footers are an often missed part of web pages, they can still be used to improve the functionality and usability of the entire page with clever design strategies. Creating a design that uses footers effectively can be accomplished with the help of experts in Houston web design!

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  1. I have just been grappling with this issue myself, and I had a question about placing social media buttons in my footer. Any thoughts?

    • I think this is a great idea and should increase the amount of engagement you have with your readers and their social media accounts. Overall, this should help with optimization efforts as well.

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