Don’t Let Your Website Annoy Visitors


Houston_SEO_ServicesA good store that customers want to visit again and again is one that is pleasing, appropriate, and has products well positioned. It might be the floor arrangement or background music or overall sense of seeing new products and not the same ones over and over again. This is also true with website design. When traffic is significantly dropping, there might be something annoying on the website that is driving visitors away. An expert Houston SEO services company should know how to deal with this particular aspect of web design and in turn provide a website with a welcoming atmosphere and enjoyable browsing experience.


The best way to achieve an outstanding website design is to work with professionals. Experienced designers and developers will use ideas or trends reflective of that experience and skill. Each web page should send a message to visitors that reflects that website’s products, services or informational topics. Those designers who are new to this field may tend to go beyond necessary requirements, allowing their own ideas, passion and excitement to get in the way of communicating the proper message to visitors. The issue here is not necessarily how long a designer has been in the industry but rather the professionalism with which work is done and client goals are met. This is expertise in the field, not just experience.

Annoying Features

It has been said that “everything is allowable but not everything is beneficial,” which is a very good description of how Houston SEO services should best use website design features. Some aspects should be carefully considered and only used with moderation. Below are five good examples of such features.

  • Pop-up Windows – This component has bothered many people from its inception and in fact, most browsers offer add-on tools to block pop-ups. Instead of using this feature for important information, essential messages should be placed centrally where it can be easily found with just a click or two.
  • Excessive Font Size – Unless there is some special or particular reason to do this, this is one element that acts as if it were shouting to viewers and found particularly annoying rather than attractive. Large and moderate size fonts can be used to emphasis a particular product or service without overdoing it.
  • Small Font Size – At the opposite end of the above feature is making a font so small that a message cannot be read or communicated to viewers. A normal size is most appropriate so that a message is relayed in a normal tone. No visitor wants to use a magnifying glass to read a website message.
  • Background Music –There are many times when visitors wearing headsets or with the volume set high can get startled by a sudden blast of music in the background. Continuous background music may be appropriate for websites of radio stations or music stores but seldom for any other types of websites.

These are just a very few of many website features that can be helpful – or harmful – in achieving desired website goals. Just remember two things: First, winning the interest of viewers can be best achieved by providing a pleasant browsing experience and secondly, getting the best web design services is not about quantity but rather about the quality or professionalism of the rendered services as no one wants a website that annoys potential customers!

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