Don’t Let Design Mistakes Devastate Your Website


Houston SEO TrendsWeb design is a free art form in the sense that there are no limitations set regarding the styles that can be used and implemented. If it can be imagined, then it can be done. Unfortunately, such flexibility can lead to disasters if a Texas website designer does not plan and test the plan before implementation. Here are some design errors that should be avoided.

  • Unorthodox Design – One of the objectives of a Texas website designer is for that internet location to stand out among competitors and be noticed. It is a good way to grab visitor attention and make the experience memorable; however, executing such tactics comes with risks. Creating striking design that stands out often leads to the realm of unorthodox design and the likely risk of poor user experience.
  • PDF Usage – Many websites use PDF files to provide lengthy or detailed information that doesn’t blend well with the overall design. Visitors expect that all information will be immediately available without having to download a file in PDF format. As a rule of thumb, avoid providing information using PDF files unless it is extremely lengthy, an e-book, or requires charts or graphs to be handled by the selected template. Have all information available on the website for convenient access by visitors.
  • Text Heavy Pages – In the internet world, content is king; however, that doesn’t mean filling every page with excessive content. Loading too much text on a single page can actually deter readers from reading the information because a long page loaded with text can be very intimidating and boring. Interest will be lost if e-book length content is seen when only a single piece of important information is wanted.
  • Poor Navigation Menu – The navigation menu is the steering wheel of the website, providing visitors with an idea of what the website contains and how that information can be reached. As such an important function, it is vital to have a navigation menu that is user friendly and easy to access. Ideally, it should be readily available from all web pages so users can easily maneuver through all content without returning to the main menu.

Here are some times to overcome and avoid some of these common design errors.

  • Test – When a design has not undergone proper testing before implementation, problems may arise that could have been prevented with proper testing of all aspects and functions of the website. Innovative design can be good; however, unconventional design to the point that features are difficult to understand can lead to high click-off rates. Before executing drastic changes, test with independent users all such changes before implementation. Also implement such changes gradually so users have time to adjust to the differences.
  • Write for the Audience – The best way to achieve non-boring content is to write specifically for internet readers by using bullets, sub headings, concise language, and high school level English to help make content easy to scan. If a reader is looking for a specific subject, it can easily be found with the help of subheadings. A basic level of English will make content understandable to all visitors.

Design quality is a crucial factor for a successful website; it determines the essence of the browsing experience and use of provided information. Hopefully this article has offered some helpful facts about what design flaws to avoid when creating or changing a website – and let that internet location be the best experience for all users!

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