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The website building goal is to establish an online presence and create a positive reputation, which requires a steady influx of traffic. The more a website is viewed, the greater is its exposure, ranking money-making opportunities, and success. All work done by a Texas web design firm whether design, content, or marketing should be focused on attracting traffic. Inadvertently, instead of attracting traffic, a website can drive visitors away. Listed below are some of the flaws that could force visitors to leave that should be avoided.

  • No Clear Purpose – Websites are an online presence that must have a clear purpose, stating whether it provides information, services, or sells a product. Whatever the purpose, it should be distinguishable on the home page. Such a mistake could happen if a brand is unpopular or the tag-line is very generic and doesn’t directly relate to the theme of the website. For example, if a tag-line says “making the world a better place,” it may sound positive, yet doesn’t state what the organization does without accompanying clues. A website’s purpose should be clearly visible to visitors. The tag-line along with visual clues should state that message so visitors are not confused.
  • Ad Saturation – Ads provide additional income yet can also compromise user experience to the point of driving visitors away. Ads can be very distracting, especially ones using flash or gif formats. Ideally, ads should be kept to a minimum and positioned where they don’t interfere with the content.
  • Disorganized Navigation – The navigation system is the website’s road map for the site, however if it doesn’t work as well as it should, it will be hard for users to move around the site. If page options aren’t clear, the user experience as a whole will become frustrating and drive viewers away. To avoid this problem, be sure that a Texas web design firm makes each path clear with clear and accurate wording.
  • Slow Page – Web users expect pages to load quickly. Unfortunately, a page will load slowly from elements such as high resolution images, flash, and other multimedia features. Encountering a slow page is frustrating no matter how good it appears. To avoid slow pages, minimize the amount of data on a single page for average internet speed, especially when targeting a global audience.
  • Poor Content – Another factor that will deter readers is poorly written content. The internet is used to find information; however, such content is expected to be from experts. When content is poorly written or the quality of writing is hard to understand, that information will be perceived as unreliable and a user will click off and go to the next reliable link on the search engine results page.

The success of a website greatly depends on attracting a good amount of visitors. It is very important for any design firm designing to do just that and not the opposite. By avoiding the above design mistakes that drive away visitors, any organization can achieve great results on the internet!

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  1. It’s funny because this blog segment answered my question that I left on the other one- GOT IT: flash and videos can slow down the page and scare people off, thanks web unlimited!

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