Don’t Destroy SEO When Redesigning A Website


Houston_Web_DesignThe internet is a constantly changing environment. The tools that are most commonly used for Austin website design are constantly being improved upon while many browsers are being updated every day to allow for superior quality web use. With these changes, members of many design teams have set up some ingenuous coding for the internet. Though these modifications are usually necessary for proper website functioning, it is worth noting how to approach a redesign project and not destroy the SEO campaign. To avoid destroying SEO ranking, it is imperative to keep in mind the following tips.

  • Be Familiar With The Site – During any redesign process, older URLs may be transferred to the new location. If this change happens, search engines must be informed to avoid ruining any accumulated SEO results. If neglected, efforts to increase ranking and online presence will be lost. So it is important to be familiar with the site structure. Since there is an increased chance that URLs will be moved to the new location, a tool should be used to crawl the site and place all URLs.
  • Inbound Link Analysis – Inbound links are very crucial to gaining good page ranking. Any building up of relevant inbound links could collapse and be wiped out if the URL structure changes or is transferred to another location. It is important to analyze all connected links.
  • Don’t Neglect The 301 Redirect – Basically, the 301 redirection code moves a file permanently. Creating a 301 redirect will preserve the ranking for a specific page and keeps all of the inbound links intact. This is the safest alternative for redirecting a page without affecting its ranking.
  • Perform an SEO Technical Audit – Before redesigning a web page, perform an SEO technical audit. This is done to review the technical aspects of a website, examine its effectiveness in terms of online searches, and help determine on-page and off-page factors that reduce the sites prominence on search engine results pages. In addition, an SEO audit will aid in discovering which areas are in need of improvement
  • Examine Web Reporting – Analyzing web reporting on a website is imperative for interpreting the data, knowing the context, and determining appropriate actions that must be done. This analysis can help to determine the page that gains the most traffic.
  • Do Not Drop SEO – Any alteration to the page will possibly impact SEO; however to decrease this impact, an SEO campaign should not be abandoned while making necessary modifications. If the current site has a good ranking, it is crucial to not alter the existing URLs; if such an alteration can’t be prevented, then a 301 redirect should be executed.

Redesigning can either improve or harm that website which is the image of a company and acquaints potential customers with products and services that are available. Regrettably, poor Austin website design has a strong likelihood of preventing online visitors from becoming customers. So enhancing the overall structure is very crucial because it can significantly impact page ranking, online prominence, traffic generation, and conversion rate. Prior to engaging in a redesign process, carefully consider the above tips to avoid destroying an SEO campaign!

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