Don’t be Skeptical of Long Tail Keywords!


Houston search engine optimizationKeywords are a vital element used as a part of Houston search engine optimization. It is the very foundation of website optimization for search engines and has always proven to be an effective approach to achieving good search engine ranking. Much has been written about the concept of using long tail keywords – and it is not surprising that understanding the concept of long tail keywords is for the most part not grasped. That is unfortunate and hopefully, it can become better understood.

  • Core Keywords – These are the short keyword versions that are usually composed of 2 to 3 words and widely implemented due to their competitiveness. As an example, “morning sickness remedies” is considered core because it is so general and often preferred because it is non-specific. It is a favorable part of SEO because it is frequently typed by web users in search inquiries returning high user numbers that typically draw more traffic.
  • Long Tail Keywords – On the other hand, long tail keywords have four or more words and are very specific. For example, “what are the home remedies for morning sickness” is a long tail because it is very descriptive and specific.
  • Popularity Reasons – Unlike core keywords, long tail versions are less popular because most web users don’t take the time to type long search phrases to look for internet information. When looking for home remedies for morning sickness, it is more common to just type “morning sickness remedies” and use the browser results to link with more specific information to find what is desired. Because of such trends, long tail versions were avoided because they weren’t being used and did not bring much traffic to a website.
  • Recent Trends – Recent search trends are changing – and long tail keywords are returning to being a good keyword choice. Due to the growing number of mobile users, it appears that long tail versions are being used more and more in searches. This is happening because of the popularity of voice-assisted requests for information through mobile platforms. This option allows for the use of full sentences in search requests – enter again longer searches or long tail keywords.

It is important to notice that Google gives direct answers to specific queries like definitions, math questions, weather, and other general inquiries. This is sort of acting as a prototype of how search queries will be handled – more targeted and specific search results from well defined search queries. Of course, such level of search accuracy will best be achieved by accurate usage of long tail keywords.

Current trends are pointing to greater use of long tail keywords, although of course core usage should not be neglected in the process. According to those using Houston search engine optimization, there should be a balance between the two keyword types in terms of implementation. The method of mobile search queries; its growing number of users; and more specific results from Google appear to be indicating that long tail keywords are re-emerging as an effective SEO tool!

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  1. Great post Chris! Long tail keywords are really useful in SEO. Whatever keyword we use, we need to stick to it and be consistent so that we don’t confuse Google about what it is that our site or blog is all about.

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