Domain Name Age – Do You Pass The Trustworthy Test?


Houston_SEO_ServicesOne of the often overlooked factors in achieving good ranking through Houston SEO services is the effect of a domain or URL’s age on ranking factors. The longer that a domain name has existed, the more credible and trusted the website is and more likely to be indexed by Google. Generally, time does matter with the algorithm and if a website is correctly developed, maintained and updated over an extended period of time, its reputation has increased and it is given relevance, value, and authority in search engine results pages.

Age and SEO Importance

There are several reasons why domain age is very important in any SEO campaign. Maturing natural inbound links generated since a website was first established in turn creates trust and credibility. Updated contents and inbound links that been built over time can add up to authority, resulting in a website that spiders love to crawl and recognition as being worthy of attention and having the potential for superior ranking.

Measuring Age

There are two factors to consider when measuring age – how long the website has existed and the length of time the site have been registered. The first factor is measured by checking the length of time the website has had content, was advertised and promoted, and content was last updated. On the other hand, the latter can be measured from the date of first registration to the current time; this can vary from under a year to 5, 10 years or more. In addition, it is vital to let a website mature and age. This is helpful when it is later re-introduced and is better than getting a new domain name and immediately launching a website.

Optimization Impact

The age of a domain will influence and impact the ability of Houston SEO services to optimize a website. A mature site is more likely to achieve good rankings, increasing visibility, potential traffic, and revenue generation that will eventually improve business success. So it is important to know how to use domain age to achieve better search engine results using the following methods.

  • Registering as early as possible to allow the process of maturation to happen.
  • Register even before clear objectives set as to whether a site is foreseeable in the future or not.
  • Consider buying pre-owned or existing domain.
  • Keep track and evaluate age using SEO tools.

Basically, domain name age can advance SEO and rankings on the results pages, not so much by the original registration date but more so by length of time with quality content. To a certain extent, it works together with mere website existence helping when the time arrives that Google spiders follow the links and find relevant information on the website. With Houston SEO services, this is just one of the relevant factors in obtaining website authority and an edge on other online competitors. Those websites that exist for a very long time tend to gather trust from consumers and as a result are given more authority compared to new domain names – and do indeed pass the trustworthy test!

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