Does Your Website Design Need Ghost Buttons?


Every so often, the web design world sees new trends develop in response to the latest search algorithm changes. One of the current trends is the use of ghost buttons, simple, attractive links designed to be somewhat hidden yet still a part of the overall website. Ghost buttons are one of the most desirable and best web design elements used today, something that web designers in College Station Texas should consider.

What Are Ghost Buttons?

Ghost buttons are transparent, text links on landing and home pages that act as both navigation and basic design elements. They are very minimal, usually composed of text and perhaps a fine border around the text. There is no background, shape, or dimension; the text simply “floats” over the background.

When properly created by the best College Station TX web design experts, these transparent buttons are actually very prominent and easy to find. They are used as single buttons for entering a website or for the entire navigation menu, with the end result being very airy-looking while retaining all functionality.

How Do Ghost Buttons Work?

The use of ghost buttons is increasing due to other recent design trends, such as using full-image or plain, colored backgrounds, both of which are used by the best web design experts with responsive web design. In either case, an important element on a website designed to go from desktop to smart phone is getting rid of as much clutter as possible. This means buttons, bars, and other more physical-looking links and buttons.

This reduction of elements helps keep a website looking clean and user-friendly yet with the same type of function as buttons that are solid rather than transparent. Many of the best web designers in College Station TX place them in the center of the screen so they are more obvious. Others increase visibility using contrasting colors. Either way, it makes a nice presentation. Since it is the nature of a user to assume some of the words on a page are links, sites using this method are easy to navigate as well.

Streamlined, Classy and Responsive

Using ghost buttons provides many aesthetic and functional advantages that allow a website to keep up with today’s website design trend styles. Unique and trendy elements has always been important for the best College Station TX web design, and ghost buttons help with that goal. By changing the font face or weight, adding or removing a rule, or changing the position a bit, transparent text buttons can be used to create a trendy-looking website that gives a positive impression and a fresh feel.

Before relying on the same old methods of creating a website with menu or sidebars, the experienced and creative College Station web design experts can experiment with solid and image backgrounds and the use of ghost buttons. Responsive websites built using these new design tools can be winners with viewers and clients!

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