Does Your Web Design Work For Your Clients?


Designing a website can be a very detailed undertaking. Layouts must be appropriate for each individual client’s needs and content must be high quality and properly optimized so search engines bring visitors to the site. A good College Station TX web design professional understands that design is useless if the site is not functional.

Improving User Experience

A functional website is easy to navigate and meet the needs of both website owner and user are met. There are many ways in which the design of a website can be user-friendly above and beyond typical functions. Based on how a website is used, there are certain techniques that can be forgotten that make a big difference in usability.

A basic rule of thumb when designing a website requires understanding that clicking to another page disrupts a user’s train of thought. The visitor may miss important information and not get the most out of their experience, reducing website efficiency. Therefore, in order to create a more usable website, it should include obvious standards such as good layout, simple navigation, and other such features as well as other features that enhance a website based on content, purpose, and projected audience.

Need For Usable Features

In College Station Texas web design, it is known to avoid animation whenever possible, especially Flash or JavaScript as it can drastically affect website speed and function. This is why some animated effects are no longer used, although there are certain ones that can still be effective. These features can be added that allow a website to be more functional and convenient to use without negatively affecting performance.

Transitioning is what interrupts a user’s concentration, whether moving from page to page or needing to frequently refresh a page to get new information. Yet both are needed in order to access information on the next page. Many designers have found that the best answer to transitional dilemmas is to add animated features that enhance a page without distracting or slowing it down. Following are some features that can be safely used in College Station TX web design:

  • Animated Scroll – Websites heavy with copy and a large amount of information to be read consecutively can benefit from animated scrolls that eliminate interrupting concentration to go to another page.

  • Hidden and Toggled Text – Both of these features simplify the amount of information on a page and allow users to access desired data without the disruption of switching to a another page, dealing with a pop-up, or being interrupted by other content. Toggled text is very useful for hiding forms and fill-ins.

  • Collapsing Content – This feature has proven to work well for comments and forms. It creates an orderly website and provides a more convenient fill-in form. Then a user can complete a farm without needing to sign in again to go back to original content or location.

  • Pull Down/Drag Down Refresh – This feature is most notable on smartphone apps and functions. It is also great with widgets and other isolated areas of copy that refresh often, whether a Twitter widget or an RSS feed scroll. The pull-down works more easily and conveniently than scrolling.

Although these are only a few of the interesting ways to integrate strategic use of animated transitions and other features, they are a good example of what can be done with websites to have a more user-friendly experience. Depending upon the website’s type and purpose as targeted users, these ideas can create a more positive experience and help create a website that stands out in some very unique ways. A designer who is current on web design that yields a highly useable website should have little problem including some nice effects that will help users and increase website efficiency!

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