Does Your Web Design Flow or Back Up?


Texas Web DesignThe best websites are those that not only attract visitors but keep them reading. Retaining web traffic as well as getting repeat traffic is not as simple as creating a website and hoping for the best. With today’s business landscape and the increasing important of the internet to any marketing campaign, the theory of having web design that flows must be clearly understood. A knowledgeable and experienced Texas web design firm should understand such ideas and be able to implement them to help companies achieve great web exposure.

Bad Design Flow

In understanding whether a website’s design has good flow, it is important to understand what is not good flow. Disruptive web design is essentially anything on a website that prohibits reading desired or needed information. Such design would prevent users from reaching a desired final action such as making a purchase or adding a name to a mailing list. Anything that interrupts such motion is breaking the good flow.

It is much easier to illustrate poor design where the flow fails and backs up,than it is to point to a well-flowing site. Simply put, if a visitor clicks on a website and moves smoothly from beginning to the end and completes a purchase, there is good work-flow on that website. If a site continually interrupts a visitor with anything other than progression to the final result is an excellent example of bad flow. Following are some potential sources of bad work-flow.

  • Unrequested Pop-Ups In Any Form – Forms, questions, ads, information requests, music and videos are highly disruptive and prohibit forward motion to a purchase or action point. Any website that includes waivers and releases are a perfect example, especially when satisfying the website terms by clicking the permission link takes the visitor back to the beginning of the process. It is highly frustrating and will frequently turn a potential conversion away from finalizing a purchase or downloading information.
  • Broken Links/Non-Working Pages – A reader encountering a broken link or non-working page has reached an unintended stopping point that increases frustration and detracts from customer satisfaction. Such viewers seldom report such broken links if encountered – they just leave; so it is important for a Texas web design firm to regularly review site analytics to monitor whether any pages are suffering this fate.
  • Website Redesign – It is important for websites to have a fresh and current look; however, changing an entire site overnight will do little to benefit a business and could actually reduce hits and repeat traffic. A website that has functioned a certain way for some time will greatly surprise users; everything is different and a repeat visitor must then re-learn how the new site operates. Any redesign should be done gradually, in a way that will not cause too high of a learning curve especially to repeat visitors.

These are a few main points to consider about the work flow of a website that will obtain the best results. Generally, good website design incorporates critical elements such as good visuals, easy navigation, search and contact functionality, and rapid page-loading that aids positive flow. Understanding where there are backups and what is causing such problems is the best way to prevent this from happening again. Contacting a Texas web design company to discuss all of these ideas in more depth and learn how to remedy them will be beneficial for any business. Hopefully, it will allow for a website to flow smoothly and not back up!

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  1. Is it easy to redesign a site? I want to redesign mine because it has too many pop ups but I don’t want it to take up too much time.

    • That depends on how much needs to be done. If it’s a complete redesign it could take a couple of weeks, but if there’s not much that needs to be done, it could be a matter of days!

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