Does Your Web Design Connect With Your Audience?


The fundamental purpose of a website is to reach people, invite them to visit, and encourage them to stay and make a purchase. Finding a website through a search that appears relevant enough for a viewer to actually visit, is the first goal of web design; however, getting a visitor to actually use the website is the true test of website effectiveness. So it is important for a web design company to truly understand how to connect with users through the best web design that will yield the best user results.

Why Connect With An Audience?

Any website can provide pages of information for users to click through; however, without a great user experience, viewers are not likely to “connect” with the website and find what they are seeking. Connection, in this case, is a broad term encompassing positive user experiences while visiting a website, the providing of a way for viewers to find what they want clearly and easily. A website that provides a pleasurable experience, and leaves a viewer with a positive impression, is one that connects with them. This is the primary goal for experienced web designers.

How Can A Website Connect With Users?

When creating a positive connection with a website user, a skillful web design company must pay attention to the following main areas that will shape every user’s experience:

  • User-Friendly – Above anything else, user-friendliness is the essence of connecting with a user. Without it, viewers will leave before finding what they want; a long search process may yield the right results yet make certain that a viewer will never visit that site again. A good web design company must completed understand how a website is “user-friendly” for a particular audience, then create an effective design layout to accomplish this goal. Navigation must be easy to follow thanks to a simple layout that guides a user through it, rather than confuses them. Content must be readable, forms must work, links must go where indicated, and contact must be clearly indicated. To create a user-friendly website, the best web design company must create a website that is one step ahead of an intended user; preventing frustration is an absolute necessity.

  • Interesting – Great function means little if a user is bored, offended by design choices, or becomes otherwise disinterested. This is where aesthetic quality and content must blend with user-function to create enough interest to keep a visitor moving on toward their goal. An expert web design company will create a site that a user can get lost in not lost on. This is done with an appropriate design style, a fitting color scheme, the right amount of images and/or video, and easy navigation links that work. Content should be divided into easily digestible sections, with consistent use of themes and site elements, unique enough to keep a viewer interested in what is available on the next link.

  • Create Mood and Emotion – Another important way to engage a user and connect with them is to either create a certain mood or invoke emotion. The best web design company can do this in many ways, starting with layout, typeface, imagery, and a color scheme that fits the desired mood, giving a website its own personality that will lead users to become invested and connected because they can relate to it.

In attempting to create the best user experience, an experienced web design company must create a website that connects in all the right ways with its targeted audience. This includes thinking ahead to provide the most appropriate functions that will attract user interest and involvement. Web design such as this will provide a memorable user experience – and cause that user to return many times again in the future!

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