Does Your Contact Page Design Attract Visitors?


Besides the Homepage and Landing Pages, a Contact page is perhaps the most important page on a website. It is where people go when seeking an answer to questions or problems they may have regarding that website – and expect a no-fail way to reach the people who manage the website. This means that great web design in College Station Texas must have two things; a user-friendly Contact page and an obvious way to find it.

Why A Good Contact Page is Essential

Whether a person has a problem with an order, a page on the website, or anything else, the first place people look for help is the Contact page. Sending a message and getting an answer to a question helps build confidence in a company’s website. For this reason, effective web design in College Station TX must be sure that the Contact page is inviting, easy to use, and offers a way for a user to get questions answered.

Without this, potential customers will leave the website for a valid reason – they so not have the time to look for the answers they need. This even affects a final purchase if a question should arise before completing a purchase. Have you ever had a question you needed answered while selecting a product, looked for an answer or help, and couldn’t find it? What did you do? Most people under similar circumstances will just click off and go back to their browser results page and find another website that is more helpful.

Designing A Good Contact Page

In order to be user-friendly, every Contact page must provide a way for users to contact the company. Yet those who handle web design in College Station know that a Contact page must include more than just that. Every Contact page should include the following:

  • Simple, easy to use contact form.
  • Company address, mailing address, phone and fax number.
  • Link for chat support if one is provided.
  • Contact email address – unlinked or linked to open in a user’s email program.
  • Other important links to FAQ pages, sitemaps, or shopping carts.

A website user should be able to contact someone running the website if needed – and this information should be readily available on this one page. Those who design websites know that there must be a Contact page that is self-explanatory, has necessary contact information, and is easy to use in a convenient email form. Information requested should be minimal, just enough to direct the email to the right person who can provide an accurate reply. If more specific information is required, it should be requested in a follow-up email.

Easy To Find

The best, user-friendly contact page is important – if a visitor can find it. Knowing the best web design methods include prominently placing a ‘Contact Us’ link where users expect it to be, such as in the navigational menu, in the footer at the bottom of the website, and in a sidebar widget.

In addition to the above ‘normal’ locations, it is great to place a link to the Contact page in a call-to-action button located on a landing page or blog article. It can be made noticeable by increasing font size, adding a rollover effect, or any element that makes the link stand out – so viewers know what it is and where it will go.

When designing a website, it is important to understand that a poorly designed or poorly located Contact page is inconvenient at the very least and a conversion killer at the worst. Contact pages are an integral part of web design in College Station and must be well planned and placed for the best results!

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