Do Your Website Headlines Effectively Grab Readers?


SEO in HoustonIt is a fact that website headlines have a big impact on conversion rates and should be properly optimized by a reliable SEO in Houston company, attracting potential consumers who will eventually be converted to buyers. Online headlines are different from newspaper version because only a small amount of information can actually be read in a glance, which seldom provides users with an exact idea of the content. So the headline should stand on its own and make sense even if the remainder of the content is not readily available.

To give visitors a quick idea about the content and entice them to click on the headline to read the entire article, certain things that must be considered. Following are some tips to use in creating a title that will grab a visitor’s attention to take a closer look at the article.


Website headlines are used by as part of an SEO in Houston campaign to capture visitors attention; however, more is involved than an attention-grabbing headline. They are used to communicate messages to prospective audiences, enticing them to click on the headline and delve deeper into the content. Following are some things used to encourage visitors to take an action leading towards a purchase.

  • The Sting – This is a title designed to cause a strong reaction when seen on the results pages. It should leave compel a visitor to take advantage of the products and services being offered.

  • Unique – Originality is essential in convincing surfers to make a decision. By making a title unique, it can communicate intrigue, relay information, and encourage further exploration into the website.

  • Optimization – Headlines are an essential way to convey information about a web page. They should be optimized by incorporating relevant, well-researched keywords so the spiders can easily index the page.

  • Pre-qualified Users – Once targeted users are identified, headlines can focus on exactly what is desired. Titles should be based on user expectations in relation to desired information about products or services.


Headlines are a website’s first impression to visitors and must be optimized in a way to attract the attention of prospective buyers. Following are a few of the things that should be used.

  • Contrast – Use contrast with other text to illustrate uniqueness.

  • Legibility – Make the displayed typeface legible.

  • Size – It should be larger and bolder than the rest of the text to emphasize its importance.

  • Asymmetrical – Make it asymmetrical within the typographical grid to attract reader attention.

  • Visual Dominance – Make it the most dominant visual element on the page to grab a visitor’s eyes.

Headlines play a huge role in terms of optimization and must be carefully constructed. They have the capacity to convince visitors to continue reading – cause them to leave the site. A well-planned SEO in Houston effort will optimize content headlines to gain higher page ranking, more traffic, and a more rapid return on investment. So it is important to all of the above and follow the tips to grab a reader’s attention to instantly notice a headline!

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  1. not to sound like a downer but it sounds like you need an english degree just come up with a title for your webpage content. is it really as complicated as that? does google care that much?

    • Thank you for your comment! From all the research we had done on what Google wants from a reliable website, yes everything about content has to be original and thought through. Some times this can be an overwhelming for some website owners which is why they hire an SEO marketing firm like us. Not only do you have to impress Google, keep in mind. It is also about the buyers that will come to your site and buy your product or want to understand your content.

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