Do You Use SEO For Online Reputation Control?


Austin_SEOThe internet is an effective marketing tool, a way to reach out globally to millions of people and establish a brand or company name. It is also a double-edged sword that can establish a brand – and tarnish it as well. It is so convenient for anyone to post good or bad product reviews over the internet that could potentially influence the decisions of clients and buyers. Search engine optimization or SEO in Houston is a marketing strategy that can improve a website’s online exposure as well as establish and improve an online reputation.

Most individuals prefer to buy online. According to one study, at least 80% of purchases are done through the internet because of the convenience and availability of product information, which has created a subculture of independent product and service reviewers, including bloggers and consumer complaint websites. Most purchasers like this type of online information because it offers a different perspective.

Reviews aren’t always bad; however, there are those who get paid to spread negative information to influence potential clients and buyers, often hired by competitors to create confusion and negativity.

Why SEO?

Bad publicity like negative product reviews¬†aren’t¬†published on a company website; most often they are found on third party websites and once posted, there is very little chance of removal. When bad publicity strikes, the only weapon against it is Houston SEO.

Bad reviews can potentially harm any business’ reputation. Once a poor review is posted, it gets indexed and attracts more interest, which ranks it higher on search engine results pages. The best way to combat this situation is through optimized content that presents a company and product in a positive light.

While it is difficult if not impossible to persuade a third party website to remove a negative review, it is possible to increase search engine ranking on other positive posts and basically force any negative listing further and further down the results listing, making it less findable and readable.

How Does it Work?

Establishing a positive online reputation requires a combination of quality content and effective SEO techniques. Well-written, quality content will offer readers a positive perspective on the product, brand or company. An article could be about unique features, benefits, and advantages that could compel readers to see a positive image of the product. SEO efforts will ensure that the content gets indexed by search engines and outranks any other content through the use of strategic keywords to attract incoming traffic that will index content more quickly and increase search engine ranking.

In a world that vastly depends upon internet reputations, it is important for any individual or company to have a positive one. Search engine optimization along with the use of quality content can help position any product, brand, or business in a positive light. So it is indeed possible for SEO to handle and improve online business reputations!

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  1. Are you supposed to put your positive reputation out on third party sites or do you let other people do that and “optimize” that?

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