Do You Need SEO or Conversion – or Both?


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When a business wants to create an internet presence, there are some things that should be known before hiring a company to provide Houston SEO services and other internet needs. This not only applies to internet newcomers but also to those who want to have a website perfected through SEO techniques or are looking for other ways to increase profitability through the internet. While researching methods to attract visitors, the term conversion may be encountered. For those to whom this is a new concept, read the important information referenced below.

Conversion Viewpoint

In some ways, conversion is also an optimization method; however, its primary focus is not on achieving higher ranking with the search engines but rather on bringing visitors to a website and converting them to customers. It upholds the concept that a high ranking in the results pages does not always translate into more purchasing customers. This conversion viewpoint centers more on: strengthening website design as well as content; analytics; social marketing; and SEO development to deliver a good profitable outcome.

SEO Viewpoint

SEO has proven to be one of the best internet marketing strategies. By using certain primary elements such as good links, proper structure, and appropriate media as well as the right keywords, gaining a high position in the results ranking is a strong possibility. Searchers can then view an overall website and appropriate relevant content being searched for which can help create a conversion from viewer to customer. Keywords and phrases are one of the most effective elements in search engine optimization to attract both spiders and people. Effective Houston SEO services provides visitors with useful content and efficient website navigation when searching through the browsers.

Sales vs. SEO Ranking

It is true that a high ranking on the results pages does not literally translate into increased revenue. The idea behind this particular statement is understanding that no guarantee can be given that a number one ranking on the search results pages will result in any sales. This discourages thinking that failure to achieve a high ranking will also lose revenue.

It is equally true that internet pages not seen in the first few search results pages can still generate sales. Although it seem impossible for a website to not appear high in the search results to covert visitors into customers, it is still possible using the conversion method. Even though this method promotes a high ranking, the emphasis is much more on converting visitors to customers as the primary sales method.


Most companies offering Houston SEO services want to use whichever method is best to get and retain clients, whether through search engine optimization or conversion. Promises will still be made of an intensified marketing strategy for a higher price that usually relies on paid advertising. All options should be carefully weighed before making any decision, since it is probably not necessary to pay for such expensive efforts when the same thing can be achieved through a well-designed website.

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