Do You Know What Every Website Needs in 2018?


As web technology continues to progress, options for effective website design grow with it. Much of this progression relates to SEO, user-friendliness, and how website design services can build effective sites that perform as the critical business tool they are set up to be.

Achieving great website results in 2018 means working with skilled web design companies that know what elements create an effective site.

1. Mobile-Ready

For any website design to be successful in 2018, it must be both mobile-ready and user-friendly on a variety of mobile devices. Google stresses the fact that more than 50% of all searches now are done on mobile. To keep in Google’s good graces as well as those of your customers, your site must function on mobile.

2. Fast Page Loading

When constructing your site, any design services being used for your website must focus on techniques that provide necessary function while preserving fast page loading speeds. Slow pages lose customers, plain and simple.

3. Effective Optimization

There are many details that web design companies must factor in when designing a site for the best SEO. Your site should be optimized to support whatever type of conversions you need while also being search engine and user-friendly. In 2018, optimization must also reflect AI and the ways that Google is now using artificial intelligence to understand user intent.

4. Analytics Enabled

With so much change going on in website design and SEO marketing, it is essential to monitor the many gauges that can give a good picture of site performance and what areas need improvement. Build your website so that analytics like traffic, conversions, and other essentials can be tracked.

5. A Good CMS

Fresh, quality content is still a key factor in generating pagerank and making sales. As such, web design companies should always build on a CMS that facilitates updating, optimization, and overall site management to ensure great site performance.

6. Social Media Integration

Social media is everywhere these days. To take advantage of this and promote the sharing of content, more site traffic, and ultimately more customers, website design services must integrate your website with the more popular social media platforms. Site content must be easy to be shared and links to all social media sites should be prominently displayed.

7. Privacy and Security

In an age of ever-increasing cybercrime, heightened security is an essential factor and must be made a design priority. On-site security should provide essential privacy controls that protect user and financial information, along with other sensitive user data.

8. A Web App

With so much emphasis on mobile-readiness, your company might do well to supplement a standard website with a custom designed progressive web app. These apps combine the best features of your site with the function of a user-friendly mobile app.

While the basic elements of great website design must always be used by web design companies, there are other inclusions that must be considered along with the newer technology currently available and the way people use the internet. Website design services must include the key elements in 2018 that give websites the essential user-friendly function and SEO elements that work for current marketing techniques!

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