Do You Know How to Write A First-Rate Website Article?


Houston SEOAs Google continues to release more algorithm updates and change the rules of Houston SEO more each time, it is understandable that there is a feeling of frustration at having to continually revisit website construction and marketing plans. A better outlook is that these changes primarily involve the tightening of Google’s spam control belt and will ultimately help all good websites. Since it is well known by now that higher-quality websites fare the best overall, avoiding the need for drastic changes can be accomplished by keeping content valuable. The first step to achieve this involves understanding how to write an outstanding website article.

Writing – Beginning Thoughts

Before starting on any well-written article, it is important to know a few things that will help guide the direction of the story. Understanding the target audience and what constitutes valuable information to that group will dictate appropriate tone and language. Having a clear knowledge of the topic and the represented company or person will help build credibility, as will knowing what action or result is desired will help to keep thoughts flowing.

After identifying audience, topic, and results, planning a good article involves breaking the topic into separate sections to include all important points that must be covered followed by coming up with attention-grabbing primary and secondary headlines. All that is left is to write copy that follows the loose layout to create a well-rounded article. Using the tips in the next section, Houston SEO is easily implemented into the plan, building toward an efficient article design.

Writing – Template Use For Consistent Design

Writing for the internet involves using a formula that fits the needs of the business or client while presenting a complete idea for the reader, all with enough text to be substantial but not too much to avoid appearing excessive unless the article itself requires such length. An average web commentary runs anywhere from 400 to 750 words, so complete ideas must be well structured to be clear and complete.

A typical web article that will attain desired goals should include the following:

  • Title – Relevant and interesting
  • Opening Paragraph – Briefly presents the topic or question and potential answer
  • Content – Writing broken up into two or three headlined sections
  • Bulleted Lists – Helpful if necessary to highlight important points
  • Keywords – Strategically placed in title, headers, opening, and closing at minimum
  • Closing Paragraph – A summary of the topic and conclusion

By following a template such as this and understanding audience, topic, and desired results, a well-rounded article that covers the important points can be crafted. Designed with a consistent layout, use of keywords, and other structural components, it is indeed possible to post an article that users will find valuable about a desired topic. Complemented by other outstanding articles, Houston SEO can blend in seamlessly and websites will be much more Google-proof through higher-quality, valuable content!

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  1. I guess I get a little unsure when you discuss writing via a template – won’t that just generate the same thing over and over again?

    • Hi Katy – there is nothing to fear about using a template to write. You can call it an outline if that is less intimidating to you. It’s just a way to focus your writing efforts on the actual content rather than worrying if you have included everything you wanted to say – at least that’s how I look at it! Hope this helped you!


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