Do Not Bore Me; Speed Me On My Way


Texas_Web_Desisu_FirmEverything the internet has become is possible due to its lightning-fast speed. The wide array of services offered by a Texas web design firm such as chat, real time video streaming, and media downloads is all due to the development of greater internet speed over the years. So many now think that graphics-filled websites can be created without worrying about transfer speeds for web users.

This misconception that visitors can be lured to websites with appealing graphics is just not totally understood. It is true to some extent; however, it is already known that looks alone can’t make a website successful. Yet because of this misconception, some websites have almost every visual element available just to draw attention and create some visual fireworks. Images here, videos there, and a web design that relies heavily on flash just so the website can get some attention from users. Following are some valid reasons why flashy graphics are not the best choice for an appealing internet presence.

  • Unsure Success – One of the commonly unknown truths about a heavy reliance upon graphics on a website is that it does not guarantee success. Such an appearance may be appealing – the first time. Each successive visit to that internet page then proves to be a bit annoying, rapidly escalating into downright displeasure. Instead of boosting an internet presence for a company, it might just be the cause of its failure.

  • Loading Speed – One of the major drawback of having a graphically filled website is slow loading speeds. In the United States, it is not a huge problem with current internet speeds relatively fast, averaging around 4 Mbps. Korea averages around 22 Mbps of transfer speed. Unfortunately, not every U.S. user has the advantage of such good internet speeds.

  • Global Applications – For any company aiming for global coverage, any graphics-loaded, grandiose web design plans may need some rethinking. The reality is that the majority of countries around the world don’t have the luxury of blazing fast internet speeds. Most third world countries barely get as much as 1 Mbps of download speed. Now imagine using an internet in such areas and what the browsing experience would be when waiting for minutes to load just one page! Obviously, the initial reaction would most likely be to find another website for needed information or products faster.

  • Mobile Apps – This principle applies to just about any kind of internet device, especially with any of the smart phones. It would be foolish for a company to lose the potential ecommerce available from iPhone users just to have a flashy website. No business wants to loose sales just because potential clients couldn’t open up any web pages.

Despite current internet speeds, when it comes to web design the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) is still the most beneficial. Design elements such as images, videos, and audio should be kept to a minimum as well as using web design languages that don’t carry as much load. A decrease in size alone can give a website full exposure anywhere around the world. A visually appealing website as done by a great Texas web design firm can be designed and created without being reduced by slow-loading graphics – don’t let the desire for creativity be ruined by too many graphics!

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