Be Discreet When Using Images in Web Design!


Houston_Web_DesignersThe way in which information is conveyed online can be thought of as a language; it is a method of communication between a website and a user that involves grabbing and maintaining a viewer’s attention while providing facts and entertainment. This analogy is especially relevant when it comes to advertising, where the page must establish credibility before it can convert a visitor into a customer. Houston web designers collaborate closely with clients to establish a balance between written words and visual elements, particularly images. While many modern web pages seem to focus almost exclusively on pictures and videos, the internet is still very much a text-based communication network.

Image Usage

Images are not inherently bad and can be used very effectively to communicate ideas, gain attention and convey information. The problem for a designer lies in establishing when the use of pictures is appropriate and to what extent they should be incorporated into a layout and content. Overloading a page with images can have a deterring effect on viewers, particularly when hand-held mobile devices or computers with small screens are used.

The truth is that most of the effects achieved through visual elements can also be accomplished through the use of text. Therefore, it is important to determine where an image would be more beneficial than written words.

Text Usage

There are a number of reasons why text is a more efficient information conveyor and one that is easier to use by Houston web designers for the following reasons.

  • Less Space – Text needs less space, both on the screen and on the server.
  • Visually-Impaired Users – Written words offer greater accessibility to these users, as it can be read by text-to-speech software or re-scaled with ease.
  • Updates and Changes – Updating a site and making quick changes are greatly facilitated by using a word-based layout, as the content can be amended directly in the HTML documents without having to open up a separate editor.
  • SEO – Words are the sole contributor toward page rankings, as web crawlers are unable to see pictures.
  • Less Risk – Since words allow a reader to create their own mental images, there is a smaller risk of alienating users by using text instead of graphics to convey information or make a statement.

Images Complement Text

In most cases, images should be used to complement the text rather than the other way around. It is pleasant to have an accompanying illustration of a written point; using visual elements effectively can contribute towards establishing a mood or an overall impression while browsing a page. Sometimes, designers want words to appear in a very particular way that may be difficult to achieve using normal font faces without causing trouble for some browsers. In these instances, text can be effectively displayed as a graphic to avoid the problem.

While images certainly have their place in web design, it is important to remember that the internet communicates mainly through text. The written word has many benefits over graphics, including greater display flexibility, smaller size, better SEO efficiency and greater ease of adaptation. Houston web designers specialize in striking a balance between what works visually and what could be more effectively conveyed using the written word!

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  1. I have a lot of images on my site. I’ve noticed that more sites have less images and more text, so I should update my site and take some of those images out?

    • It would probably be a good idea to take some of them off. Like the article said, images should complement the text. Keep the relevant ones but remove all the others if you can.

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