Critical Web Design Issues About Usability!


Houston_Web_DesignUsability has become one of the most critical issues when developing an internet site as noted by Houston web design companies. A staggering fifty-eight percent of users profess getting results that are irrelevant to a search. These alarming statistics must be noted as it greatly affects the main goal of most websites.

There is a great chance that visitors who do not find what is desired on a website will not visit it again. This means that no matter how attractive, enticing or innovative a web page may be, if it lacks usability is will still be considered a failure. Following are some tips on how to enhance usability.

  • White Space – Fancy, artistic sites are of no value to customers who are looking for important data. The more white space seen, the lower an impression will be with a website. By avoiding white space, most visitors will find a page more interesting and enticing and feel that a place filled with useful information has been found. Additionally, readers want to find data quickly and do not want to navigate through several layers to find what is needed. So it is important that the first page is filled with valuable information for viewers.
  • Graphics – There is a difference of opinion about the presence of graphics on a page. When it comes to usability, it really does not matter whether graphics are present or not according to Houston web design experts and research has recently shown results about the visible effects of graphics when gathering information. Many visitors find animation annoying, even if a relevant answer is included within the animation. If graphics download too slowly, most visitors will not wait and will leave the website to look for alternatives.
  • Accessibility – Even if a page has great content, if it cannot be found, visitors will leave the website. When working with navigation, content should be located in a place where it can be easily accessed. As a rule of the thumb, data should be accessible within a click or two. It is also helpful to add something new to the page on a regular basis, as web surfers like new content on a regular basis as do the search engines.
  • Avoid Page Searches – There are several reasons why a page search should not be used as an add-on tool to web pages. First, a visitor has a fifty percent chance of finding what is wanted every time search bars on a page are used, as each browser handles such searches differently, delivering irrelevant results that are often more annoying than helpful. Also, visitors may just get a list of pages that are difficult to understand or are just confusing.

It is important for designers to: test the usability of a website from a users perspective; focus and enrich content; get as many inbound links from users as possible; and stay away from unreliable sources. By following the tips referenced above, critical Houston web design issues about useability can be solved!

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  1. This is great information! I have a lot of animated graphics on my site, should I consider removing them?

    • If they’re overwhelming, then you should consider removing them and maybe replacing them, but keep it minimum! You don’t want your site to be just graphics.

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